If you were at Catalyst, you were part of strong performance by 15 dedicated Pax and you avoided a rice bag beat down by Tecumseh at Pullen.

The Thang:


  • SSH x 20
  • Good Mornings x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Burpees x 20

Circuits – Pax split into 2 groups and pair up in each group – group 1 on the track; group 2 on the bench – flapjack for each round below

  • Round 1: Lap with Buttkickers/Goosekickers (coined by Gnobby) between the cones; Spider Man Merkins x 20 and Jump Ups (alternating)
  • Round 2: Lap with High Knees between the cones; Derkins x 20 and Squat Jumps (alternating)
  • Round 3: Lap with Lunges between the cones; Diamond Merkins x 20 and Left/Right Step Ups (alternating)
  • Round 4: Lap with Wheelbarrow between the cones; CDD x 20 and squats (alternating)
  • Round 5: Lap with Petrino between the cones; Wide Grip Merkins x 20 and Dips (alternating)
  • Round 6: Lap with Bear Crawl/Lunges between the cones; Dips x 20 and Burpees (alternating)


  • LBCs x 20
  • Six Inch Leg Hold (5 count around circle)


  • Great work Pax – I liked the way you guys pushed each other and provided encouragement
  • Cinderella may have broken olympic record for Bear Crawl on the  track
  • Good to have Caddy back in the mix
  • I think I saw a few tomatoes with yoga mats in cougar country but may have been imagining things