19 Pax showed up on this crisp spring morning to give it their all.

Disclaimer given, and after a short discussion of this being my 1 year anniversary and what F3 means to me, we got right to it.

Warm up: SSH x20, GMx20, Mountain climbers x30.  Round the World Planks.

The Circuit:  loop by the lake, along the road and up the driveway.  There laps with 15 hand release merkins, 15 star jumps and 15 WW2 sit-ups at each stop.  Planked it out when finished lead by Bob Villa who finished first.  Strong work Bobby.

Headed over the the gazebo and partnered up.  Each team completed 40 pull-ups, 100 squats, 50 dips and 100 low slow flutters.

Mozied over to the tennis courts for various and sundry exercises and running. While one partner was running down and back the length of the tennis courts twice the other was doing balls to the wall, People’s chair, Merkins, 6 inch leg hold, and flap jacking between sets.  We topped this off with a down the line count off while doing Balls to the Wall.

Mary: We finished up just as the sun was coming up with Wind Shield Washer x 25, LBCx30 and American Hammer x 30.

We circled up.  No announcements or spoken prayer requests today.

Mr. Furley led us out with a word of encouragement and lifted up the unspoken prayer requests.

I owe Honey Dew a debt of gratitude for dragging me out to this site one year ago and encouraging me to keep pushing even though I wanted to throw up and go back home and crawl in bed.  And I owe a big thanks to the rest of the guys who kept encouraging me to keep coming out and give it my all. That first month was hell, but now I’m in the best shape of my life.   Hard to believe its been a year.  This has truly been a life changing experience.  I encourage everyone to find someone, even if you don’t think they would be interested, and drag them out here into the gloom.  They will thank you for it eventually.

Give it your all this week:  at work, at home and in your community and we’ll see you back out there in the gloom.


Yours truly,

Western Stranger.