Honoring the fact that Carolina tennis is number one in the country, YHC remembered some of his training to share with the Pax.

Warm Up: long mosey along back entrance of student parking lot down to the track. Arms held high the entire time with some butt kickers and high knees along the way.
SSHx20 (10 small man)
Windmill x10
Willy Mays x10
Carolina Dry Dock x10
Mountain climbers x15

The Thang
Line up on goal line for 100 yard sprint X 5 with 10 seconds in between each sprint.
Recovery walk back to the other end (made popular by Coach Paul in the early 90’s – working up to 8 sets)
20 merkins
20 AS
30 LBCs
Line back up for another round of sprints – Rinse repeat X 3 (not 8!)

Form line along goal line in plank position – hold plank for each Pax to do 2 merkins. Repeat with a low plank hold and 1 merkin.

Indian run back to parking lot for Mary:
Up Downs by -Sweats x10
LSF – Bushwood x50