Following a night of heartbreaking magic, YHC had the feeling that PAX counts would be light Tuesday morning. PAX of 3 geared up for a little tempo work to celebrate a Villanova win. Yes there was a little basketball to be enjoyed, but something unheard of had taken our attention. There is a peculiar little race in the mountains of East Tennessee where few have gone, and much less have finished. The madman, Lazarus Lake, had lit the cigarette to start The Barkley Marathons. Raleigh PAX, uninterested in NCAA basketball, had been glued to the Barkley twitter feed, hoping to hear of another finish. As we wait for the verdict, we run.

2 laps at fellowship pace

Standard Warmup: Good Mornings x15, Imp Walkers x15, Windmill x15

The Thang:

Yasso 800’s: Run 800 meters at a semblance of T-pace. If you predict a marathon finish of 3hours 30 minutes, run the 800 in 3 minutes 30 seconds. Or, take your mile race pace, add one minute (T pace), and cut the total time in half. Following the 800, jog a light 400 and wait to start the next 800 using the same pace time of your 800. Make sense?

In honor of the Barkleys, change direction for each Yasso repeat. 7 total repeats for the day.


The opposite direction Yasso’s seemed to confuse the other track faithful. Especially one gent carrying either a super bright watch or phone. There was no question as to where he was at any given moment. Then he spoke: “Hey are you guys F3?” Rocksteady from Briar Creek had come down a little south to join the track fun. Welcome.

Not sure why Yasso 800’s have become YHC’s tempo work of choice. They shall return in the future.

Great work by all this AM.