That was our opening temp this Friday morning.

YHC arrived to find two groups on PAX gathered.  One near the original Late Night gathering spot and a larger group congregated at Lourdes of Discipline spot.  YHC went old school and joined the smaller group at the original Late Night gathering spot. YHC asked Linda if there was some stare-down contest going on.   Lots of grumbling from PAX who had to jog over when YHC called (in a very loud voice) the first exercise.

Warm Up

  • 10 SSH
  • Quick welcome and confirmation no FNG’s were present
  • 30 Seal Jacks
  • 15 Good Mornings
  • 20 Sir Fazio Arm Circles (10 forward, 10 reverse)
  • 25 Mountain Climbers

PAX then followed YHC to back car dealership parking lot.  Everyone grabbed a rock.  A bit of a challenge as ditch had been filled with a bunch of pebbles so took a little work to find a workout rock.  Began a series of rock exercise, passing rock to left after each exercise and then followed by a sprint:

  • 15 curls – “2-lighter suicide” (first light and back, 2nd light and back)
  • 15 overhead press – 2-lighter suicide
  • 15 tricep extension – 2 lighter suicide
  • Parking lot press (lie on ground and bench press rock but not on a bench) X 15 . . . 4 light suicide
  • Quick feet (jump over rock) and toe taps X20 – 4 light suicide
  • 20 curls, 20 overhead press – 4 light suicide
  • 20 tricep exention and 20 parking lot presses and put rocks back

Ran to opposite end for one last suicide.  4-lighter, but stopping at each light for merkins.  Start with 5 merkins and adding 5 merkins at each light.

YHC held group up at 4th light and then all gathered at entrance back onto greenway.  YHC called for all PAX to give it there all in sprint back to starting point.

Ran 3 minutes long.  Little extra credit going into the weekend. Sorry guys.

Workout ended with 8-Mile commenting how White Shoe told him on Thursday at the office that 46 degrees was the perfect F3 posting temperature because . . . in the words only White Shoe can come up with: “46 degrees is the perfect F3 posting temperature because it feels like you are working out in an air conditioner!!!”  My mind flashed a picture of a miniature White Shoe doing burpees inside a HVAC unit!