24 PAX on a beautiful morning and YHC took us back for a journey to the 80’s with an all rap music compilation for extra motivation.

Lap, SSH, Imperial Walkers, Mtn Climber, Merkins, Slow Merkins, Lap

The Thang:

15 minute Tabata workout to music: 20 seconds on/10 seconds off. 6 exercises with 5 rounds of each:
Side Shuffle Hops, Mtn Climbers, WWII’s, Merkins, Jump Squats, Burpees

Recovery lap and then 5 rounds of 12 burpees every minute on the minute. Finish 12 as fast as you can and you can rest until the next minute starts and go again.

Recovery lap and then a merkin/WWII ladder: 1 merkin/1 WWII, 2 merkins/2 WWIIs, … up to 10 each

Recovery lap and then round 2 of the 12 burpees on the minute for 5 minutes

Out of time so no Mary

2nd F at Ponysaurus Brewing Thursday at 8:00pm
23 mile ruck on the Tobacco Trail is now set for July 23rd. Start at 5:30am and end up for lunch at Tylers in downtown Durham. Families welcome to join for lunch
Welcome FNG Little Blue