Pullen Park offers many options for an F3 workout, and YHC had lots of ideas bouncing around in his head in preparation for the morning’s outdoor exercise activities.

The clock hit 0545, Franzia was ready with his pocket TP, short disclaimer, and 24 of F3 Raleigh’s finest were off – oh wait, there’s Countrywide and his diesel chariot coming in on two wheels, make that a nice round 25.

Quick mosey around the carousel and circle up on the hallowed grassy area that has never grown back quite right since F3Raleigh’s GORUCK training session:

SSH x20 IC
Imperial Walker x15 IC
Good Morning x10 IC
Mountain Climber x20 IC
Standard Merkin x15 IC

The Thang
Find a partner, size/shape/speed don’t matter.  Partner burpee chase around the pond – partner 1 takes off, partner 2 does 5 burpees, catches up with partner 1, tags, partner 1 now does burpees, etc.

Head on over to the playground for some good ole’ fashioned partner teamwork.  While one partner runs from the swings around the carousel while the other partner knocks out exercises. Each set of partners combined for the following:
200 Squats
150 Swerkins (Merkins with feet on swing)
100 Inverted Rows on Swing

Enough of that, we’ve got other things to do!  Head over to the steps, bear crawl up the steps, across the train tracks to the top and form two lines for a little Don Cornelius:

PAX forms two lines, all in squat hold; two pax on end lunge walk though the aisle of PAX, Soul Train style (shout out to Hushpuppy)

Once all PAX were Souled Out (ba dum tiss) mosey up to the tennis courts.

At the tennis courts:
One full court suicide
Jack Webb Merkins:Air Presses at a ratio of 1:4 up to 10 Merkins:40 Air Presses #burner
Recover from that with another full court suicide
Jack Webb Squats:Monkey Humpers at a ratio of 1:4 up to 5 Squats:20 Monkey Humpers
Running short on time, so recover with another suicide

Mosey back towards the park entrance, bear crawling down the steps we previously crawled up, and circle up for some Mary:

Dying Cockroach x20 IC
Boxcutter x20 IC
Freddie Mercury x20 IC
American Hammer x20 IC


F3 Dads Saturday June 4, 9:30am at Fred Fletcher Park
Haven House workout today 5:15pm

Prayer Requests
Yoda’s knee

Peach Pit took us out with a strong word.

Honored to lead these men this morning!