6 Pax found themselves on the blustery top deck of the Duke Hospital parking garage ready for some pain.

The Thang:

Arm circles x something
IW x 20 (it became clear that these exercises were making us colder instead of warmer)
High knees half way up the deck, karaoke run for the other half
Merkins x 20
Karaoke run half way down the deck, butt kickers for other half

The Pyramid Scheme:
– Sprint down the parking deck, at the corners stopping for some decline merkins x 10, mountain climbers x 10
– Next stop 8 of each, then 6, 4, 2
– Sprint up the deck, at the corners stopping for burpees x 10, long slow flutter x 10
– Next stop 8, 6, 4, 2

But wait, there’s more!
– Pullups x 10, next man in line spots, the rest of the Pax does alternating lunges while they wait their turn
– Pullups x 8, spot, snowboarders
– Pullups x 6, spot, jump lunges
– Pullups x 4, spot, side jump lunges
– Pullups x 2, spot, squat tuck jumps

And more…
Partner squats x 15ish

But for only $9.99 more you can have…
The people’s chair x a long time

Merkin jacks x 10

LBCs, reverse crunch, dollies, la cucaracha, leg raise boxes, russian hammers


– Floyd took off like a bat out of hell for the high knees.  We all discovered why as we smelled the crop dusting he was laying down
– I love when someone says something like, “Man, I’m glad we didn’t do partner squats on that pyramid.”  Flying J is notorious for this, and I think he might be doing it on purpose to make things harder.
– This Saturday Flying J takes the helm for his first Q.  Should be good given what I mentioned above.
– Preliminary results are back on Lucky Strikes drug testing – negative.  Let’s all just keep in mind that Lance was negative, too.  All I know is that his hat size keeps getting bigger.
– Nice to see Seinfeld out again.

F3 Durham homework assignment to be posted here by Doogie later today…