16 PAX gathered in the post-Oscar night Gloom.  No reason to watch this year—but pay attention next time around: Anchorman 2 for Best Picture in 2014.  It’s kind of a big deal.


The Thang (“They call it ‘yogging.’  Apparently, you just run.”_:


Five-minute warm-up jog.




SSH X 20

Imperial Walker X 20

Mountain Climbers X 20

Fazio Arm Circles X 16


Jog to Tennis Courts


Balls to the Wall 2 X 12; 1 X 24


Suicides X 4


Walk to benches


Chong-Li Special:


Incline Merkins X 10, 5, 15

Dips X 10, 5, 15

Decline Merkins X 10, 5, 15


Circle of Pain (walking lunges around parking lot island)


Rock ‘n Roll:


Pick up rock; bicep curl into shoulder press 2 X 20


Jog down Sisyphus Hill


Mary – LBC; Russian Hammer; Rosalita; Freddy Mercury


Run up Sisyphus Hill