Much good F2 chatter as 13 faithful gathered at home plate in Roanoke Park for another morning of Heavy Metal. But enough lip-smacking by the Pax, we must move quickly, as YHC can already tell he was a bit over-zealous in his designs for down payment…plus 13 is a strange number to work with and my brain hurts already trying to crack this Rubik’s Cube.

The Thang:
Brisk fellowship lap around the park, then circle up in the field
SSH x20
Wide-grip merkins x12
Good Morning x 20
Fazio Arm Circles x10 both ways

8 stations preset for action: an outer circuit of 4 sprints variations (mostly) surrounding an inner circuit of weighted work (mostly). Pax partner up and choose a starting point. Outer Circuit 1 Station 1 acts as time keeper for all, calling out “switch” and “rotate”. Idea is AMRAP everywhere.

Outer Circuit
Station 1: El Jefe sprint from home plate straight through field up to Aycock St. And back, flapjack with partner who has been doing crossfit push-ups.
Station 2: shuttle sprint to 3 cones set 10 and 20 yards apart on Hanover St. Partner does mountain climbers. Pair continues to flapjack until “rotate” is called.
Station 3: Dragon walk the length of sidewalk on Aycock between Hanover and Bickett.
Station 4: Backpedal down Bickett to the big oak and sprint back up to Aycock, AMRAP. Once “rotate” is called, transition to the inner circuit.

Inner circuit
Station 1: Jane Webb ladder
Station 2: partner 1 does Turkish Get-Ups (w 35lb KB) while partner 2 does dips on the bench, flapjack when told.
Station 3: 50lb KB swings while partner does crossfit push-ups, flapjack when told.
Station 4: man-makers

Pax completed 2 full sets of all stations, despite YHC’s poor explanation up front and layout of stations. Transitions in and out of circuits were not clear. Needed a map, more on that in COT.

Ring of fire, 3 Faithful head to picnic area for pull-ups and knee-ups on the circle’s 15 and 30 count. Switch group out on each exercise change in Mary.
LBC x30
reverse LBC x30
Sarkozy x30
Putin x30
Dealer’s choice x30

– incredible work from a strong and very adaptable Pax. Very generous with their claims of a solid routine and with their feedback on how to improve clarity of stations and transitions. YHC is already working on next iteration.

– Bob Vila proposed that we acquire/create numbered station markers to assist our foggy heads as we wander between stations. He was quickly asked to spearhead this effort.

– reminder to contribute change and bills to our GORUCK brethren ASAP. Change will act as team weight and will be donated post-RUCK to a worthy organization that supports our Military personnel. Get with a GORUCK participant for details and to donate.

Quote of the day: “Do more than is required. What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? The extra mile.”