Six fearsome warriors strode into the 6am gloom for a pre-Spartan tune-up.



SSH x 20

Windmills x 20

Fazio Arm Circles x 8 (Reverse it)


Run to the benches for:

Bench Hops x 20 (hands on bench, hop up on bench and down on both sides, alternating)

THE Dip x 20


Bear crawl 40 yards and get running again…


…to the hand-rails for:

Incline Merkins x 20

Pull-ups x 15 (T-Square does Chin-ups)

Decline Merkins x 15

Chin-ups x 15 (T-Square does Pull-ups)


Then off to the hill down by lake (river?) for:

Ring of Fire for Mary, but modified so runner does a sprint to top of 40 yd. hill and back down


Run to soccer fields for:

Bear crawl length of the short soccer field (~40 yards), crab walk back


Alternating oblique crunches x 20 (each side)


Begin long trek back to the cars, with stops for:

Partner Merkins x 15 (Partner #1 does Merkins while Partner #2 is in plank position with feet on Partner #1’s back)

Side Baby Crunches x 20

Take it to the house




  • Nice effort by the Pax today in what will hopefully be one of the last cold mornings of the season.
  • Hold April 20 for possible Convergence with the Durham crowd
  • Good luck at the Spartan next weekend!