The SF was planted for our pre-post 5+mi tour of Raleigh in the gloom. A band of 6 PAX took full advantage of this inspiring and expanding trend. Workouts before workouts: pretty fantastic, very masocistic, and a lot of fun. A strong pace was led by Enron and followed by all.

I digress. Runners arrived back at Pullen with a PAX that grew to 37 (eventually, UTAH) prepared for their weekend downPAINment.

Warm-up: SSH x30, IW x20 Windmill x20, merkin x15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 (and reverse), wide grip merkins x10, Squat Jumps x10

Fellowship pace to the Tennis Courts where the teamwork begins. Group 1 takes the courts with YHC, Group 2 selects a rock with Maize for some AMRAP work:
1. Group 1 Figure M sprint across 3 courts and sprint back, shuffle over to the rocks
Group 2 squat press with your rock until relieved by Group 1. FLAPJACK.
2. Group 1 Suicide sprints across 3 courts, shuffle to rocks.
Group 2 staggered merkins on rocks until relieved. FLAPJACK.
3. Group 1 Figure M sprint
Group 2 bicep rock curl. FLAPJACK
4. Group 1 suicide sprint
Group 2 chop wood with your rock. FLAPJACK

Mosey down the half pipe as a group and then split up for another set of competing stations:
Group 1 completes a Jacob’s ladder (1-5) up the hill toward the tennis courts
Group 2 completes a series of exercises on the benches in the pavilion that included derkins, incline merkins, dips, jump-ups, alternating lunges, etc. until Group 1 could make it up the hill.

As the group moves into the field beside the pavilion, 2 strange things happen:
1. Maize calls for a 10 count of burpees (ok, that’s not too strange)
2. One Mr. Johnny Utah appears from nowhere to begin his downPAINment (time noted as 7:41)…ahem.

In the field, teams form lines and turn to face each other for what YHC is calling “competitive Mary.” A member of team one calls out a Mary exercise and count for group 2 to complete. Team 1 planks in anticipation of their turn. Group 2 then returns the favor with an exercise and count of their choosing. The arms race went on for 3 rounds and included. LBC, Heals to Heaven, Six inch leg hold, the Protractor, Russian Hammer, and one other I can’t recall. Then YHC lead a 50 count of LBC for all.

Lastly, in a move that confused many considering the time and effort already spent this morning, YHC lead the group farther from their cars and up into an afterthought of a picnic area. Waiting for the PAX, thanks to the genius and secrecy of Mr. White Shoe and Maize was a massive rope that those who attend Heavy Metal or The Mule would recognize. To cap off our morning of strong teamwork and light competition, we engaged the teams in a tug-o-war, best 2 of 3. The idea proved better than the rivalry, however, as Group 1(aka Team Flatline, aka the odds) absolutely smoked Group 2 (aka Team Maize, aka the evens) even with YHC joining Team Maize to make the numbers work. Is anyone else surprised that my strength didn’t tip the scales against a team including Chong Li, Bob Villa, Cinderella…AND HOWARD! Shocking, I know.

While the competition at F3 is always with yourself, it was fun to watch the teams bond through their effort, even over an hour, and manifest in words of encouragement and some light trash talking.

An alternative location for COT was welcome by the PAX, as we did not have the maintenance crew running blowers overtop our fellowship. Food for thought going forward.

Reminder that Dawn Patrol quickly approaches…boot camp surfer style. Watch the website for launch date and start time.