The backblast is late since I’ve been on the run from the Golf Cart Gestapo.  Everyone assembled on the tarmac for a 6am departure.  It was cooler than usual, so everyone was in good spirits.  We start off by running down by the engineering building to do some good mornings, mountain climbers and alternating oblique crunches.  At that time I informed the Pax that since I was a slacker and didn’t have a “concrete” plan, I would be relying on them to throw out some ideas.  To allow everyone to process the curve ball I just threw, we ran down to a small clearing above Lake Raleigh.  There I tapped Munson to select his very most favorite ab exercise.  He selected LBCs.  So we did 30.  Next I tapped Balmy, but since he was not present, he did not respond.  I then started to get flustered, so Maize calmed me down by selecting Marley to choose the next exercise.  Marley selected Rosalita’s, I think; everything is a bit hazy after that as I was reeling with embarrassment.  I decided it was best to leave that place and never return.  So we started our decent to the soccer field adjacent to the Lonnie Poole Golf Course.  There, I selected the next exercise to be High Slow Flutters.  Madoff then did us all a favor by selecting Russian Hammers and suggested we do a 60 count.  Unfortunately, I was only able to muster 30.  Good enough.  Next, down the greenway and up onto the golf course.  On our way to the golf course I confided in Munson that I was always worried about being chased down by a greens keeper.  Once on the green I informed the Pax that if they saw a golf cart barreling down towards us with a man waving a club to just start running.  Calming my nerves by telling myself the course doesn’t open until 7:30, we commenced with the routine.  Yo Yo selected a double dip High Slow Flutters.  I honestly can’t remember how many we did because the sound of squalling golf cart tires threw everyone off.  I believe there was one lone scout that came upon us, saw our intimidating numbers and retreated, posthaste to get reinforcements.  At that point I was very uneasy but we held the line and were able to complete one more round of WWII style sit-ups.  I believe those were courtesy of Sproles?  I was completely shell shocked at that point and even more useless than usual.  It was time to go.  The anxiety was too much.  We made our way to soccer field number 2 where Lamp had us do Hello Dollys and Maize suggested a circle 5 count of chill cut planks.  Morale then hit an all time low when we realized we were going to be late.  We had 10 minutes to run from the lowest point in the tri county area back to the rarefied air of the long term parking lot.  Never the less, we pushed on.  We kept a good pace and only stopped to do some Sarkozy’s, Putin’s and Low plank holds.  Upon our return we had a couple new names to dole out.  The first FNG informed us that he dealt with solar panels.  Everyone immediately knew he must be producing carbon credits to offset Al Gore’s jet.  Therefore, “Al Gore” was decided.  The next FNG was a lawyer and enjoyed watching “Homeland”.  Of course, “Abu Nazeer” was only fitting.  Thanks to Madoff for being on the spot with the name of what I could only describe as “that terrorist”.  If the F3 servers get raided by the CIA, we will know who is to blame.  All in all, another successful Wolf Run is in the books.