A record 19 PAX trudged into the moonlit True Grit gloom of shelley lake. 19 ventured out, 18 returned as Alarm Clock was claimed by a nasty bee underneath his rock.  Duff laid it on thick as follows:


SSH x30,Good Mornings x25, Imperial Walkers x20, Fazio and reverse x10 apiece

Station 1 

Head down to bottom of hill.  Everyone needs 2 rocks – one at bottom, one at top.

Start at top – diamond merkins on rock x12, one hand on rock merkins each arm x10, rotational squats x15, head down hill

Curls x15, lunges holding rock x15, bear crawl up hill

Spiderman merkins x15, one hand on rock merkins each arm x8, squats x15, back down hill

Curls x15, lunges x15

Drop one rock back in creek, bear crawl back up hill, take other rock to warmup field

Station 2 

8 cones length of field about 20 – 25 yards apart

Pair up, each pair to use one rock – set other aside for now.

Whoever’s holding rock starts and jogs to next cone.  Once he drops rock, partner sprints to rock, picks up, jogs to next cone, partner sprints to rock, etc., etc. until we reach other end of field.

Jog back and do again with the rocks we left at start.

Jog back

Sprint to 1st cone, jog to 2nd, sprint to 3rd, jog to 4th, etc.

Station 3 

Jog to field by pull-up bars, circle up.

3 Stations, Groups of 2

Station 1 – shuffle pulls ups x5

Station 2 – jump ups on park bench until Station 1 relieves

Station 3 – rest of group does Sarkosy’s, Putin’s, plank walkups, high plank and low plank while waiting.

Merry:  All in cadence – Reverse LBC 40x, Sideways Scissors 19x, LBC 30x, WW2 sit ups 20x, V-up sit ups 15x