15 Pax entered the gloom probably unaware that Howard had turned over the keys to The Forge to a bunch of clowns (will he ever let us Q again?).  What they would receive is a lesson in higher math from Gnard Dogg, some shenanigans from Mr. Rogers, and “Bonding” with Epoxy.  Without further ado…. 

The Thang

Gnard Dogg as Q: (all numbers for Gnard Dogg are approximates as no one really knows.  Where was Abacus or my 10-key when we needed it?

-Jog around lake & back to circle near Andy / Opie for warm-up

-SSH x 20 something (the phrase “in cadence” was used loosely as it sounded something like this with non-Q’s calling out the numbers in parens:  1, 2, 3, 4 (1)…..2, 2, 3, 4 (2)…..2, 2, 3, 3, (3?), etc….too tough to even recall, but just imagine 15 sets of arms going in various directions during SSH to a Q that was apparently speaking in tongues.  Steroid thought he even heard a 7 in there somewhere. (Gnard Dogg swears he got a C- in Calculus. Transcripts pending.)

-Sir Fazio Arm Circles x ~10 (+ reverse)

-Windmills x ~20

-Mountain Climbers x ~20

Epoxy takes Q:

-Jog to lakeside steps to find low wall for easy entry point to water for optional swim to paddle boats.  Being no takers, we did the following on the step(s) of your choice:

-Decline Merkins x 15

-Quick Feet x 20

-Incline Merkins x 15

-Lil Jump Ups x 15

Mr. Rogers takes Q:

-Jog to first bridge and lunge walk over first bridge

-Mr. Rogers calls an audible from the walkthrough and has us bear crawl around gazebo to apparently “rest” our legs

-Lunge walk over second bridge

-Jog alongside lake with detour to side-straddle the turtle (named “Gary Williams” or “Bob Wade” by Clown Car posse depending on your age).

-Stop at bottom of big steps near carousel & find a like-sized partner:

Wheel Barrow up stairs to train tracks and then partner carry the rest of the way, run back to the bottom. Flap jack (repeat x 2)

Gnard Dogg back as Q:

Jog from steps to large pavilion where we encountered tomatoes using the pavilion.  After running them off (their choice):

-Dips x ~15

-Incline Merkins x ~15

-Decline Merkins x ~10

-Box Jumps for 30 seconds – Maybe timed counts are Gnard Dogg’s thing as this one went smoothly???

Epoxy back as Q:

Jog from pavilion (past tomatoes listening to Big Pimpin’ on their mats…nice touch!  Somewhat surprised Myrtle is old enough to even know that one) to rock pile near tennis courts.  Resisting the urge to do suicides, we chose a rock and knocked out:

-Curls x 15 then passed rock to the left

-Tricep Extensions x 15 and passed rock to left again

-Frankenstein Holds (up in front, left, center, right, center, down = 1….random Epoxy combinations (L, C, L, C, etc. to throw everyone off) to get to 10 total)

Mr. Rogers takes back over as Q:

Leaving the rock pile, Mr. Rogers employs a misdirection play that even Georgia Tech and Paul Johnson would be proud of (was that part of the plan???), and we finally end up on the bridge on the back side of the park.  Jog from there past Bob Wade for another side-straddle and eventually to half-moon / stage area near grass field for Mary…..we opted not to get wet:

-LBC’s x 20

-Slow Flutter Kicks x 20

-Rosalitas x 20

-Hammers for a 3-count around the circle


-Prayers for Tin Cup’s uncle (approx. 75) who is having rotator cuff surgery

-Prayers for Orwell and his ankle as well as Bullseye dealing with concussion

-10 second moment of silence for personal reflection (nice touch added yesterday by Tarp at Zero Hour, thus we adopted it today)


-Mule October 5 (Epoxy has learned that you need to be there or Johnny Utah will call you names)

-Happy Hour Thursday 7:30 at PR off Hillsborough