This morning at Zero Hr, we experienced a first and inspiring effort by one of our own while performing a Zero Hr favorite exercise…Chariot races.  The man, the myth, the legend….The Fungo showed such explosiveness out of the gate during his charoit race that the inner-tube that held him back snapped, torn completely in half.

However, for every cause there is an effect and the view was not as good from Fungo’s Charriot race partner and our fellow Pax Myrtle’s perspective.  Anyone that has held a rubberband in their hand as it snapped can appreciate the position of holding said inner-tube tire at waist height as Fungo ran through it, firing rubber shrapnel at speeds nearing the sound barrier directly back at our brother Pax.  Impossible to react and take cover at such high velocity, Myrtle took a direct hit with an “inner-tube tire nut shot.”  Needless to say he had to walk it off but as impressive, came back to finish the workout!  Upon further reflection, Myrtle’s come back effort was even more inspiring than the original event.

Now to the workout….AYE!

The Thang:

Warm-up (rain started):  SSH x 25, Mountain climbers x 25, Merkins x 20, Windmill x 20, Sir Fazio arm circles x 7, Reverse Sir Fazio arm circles x 7

Tennis courts…Lot of work done here boys….good job (pouring rain):  Sprint/Backpeddle Suicide, Merkins x 20, McEnroe Suicide, Balls to the wall x 10 count candence, Single Leg dead lift R leg x 20, Single leg dead lift L leg x 20, Regular Suicide, verticle mountain climbers x 15 count, Bear crawl length of courts, Balls to the wall x 10 count cadence, Staggered Merkins Right x 10, Staggered Merkins Left x 10, Sprint/Backpeddle Suicide, Single Leg dead lift R leg x 20, Single leg dead lift L leg x 20, Duck Walk (it’s a new one to me and a keeper…wow) length of courts, Diamond Merkis x 15, Scorpion Merkins R leg up x 10, Scorpion Merkins L leg up x 10, Bear crawl length of courts, McEnroe Suicide, L/R Line jumps x 20, Front/Back Line jumps x 20

Recover on the run (rain stopped):  Done with the tennis courts we head over to the parking lot.  Q wanted to sprint the length of the lot, fellow Pax Watson calculated the correct number of light poles (5) and we were off!  We sprint the parking lot and then recovered on the run following the road.

Parking lot (GoRuck da ja vue):  Incline Merkins x 15, Decline Merkins x 15, Squats x 20

The Incident:  Jog to baseball field. Chariot race 50 yards, flapjack x 2

Mary:  Hang 10’s x 25, Russian Hammers x 25, LBC’s x 25


  • I’d like to personally thank Sir Fazio for his demonstration this morning on proper Arm Circle technique.  “Stick your arms out, do circles with them”….it’s a lot hard than it sounds.
  • If you feel your hammy’s getting tight today…that’s the single leg dead lifts…you’re welcome.
  • Prayer concerns to all affected by the flooding in Colorado including Fazio’s sister, Pei Wei had a 2.0 last Wednesday, and to Myrtle as he deals with any side affects as a result of today’s accident.  Hopefully his wife will continue to allow him to participate in F3 Zero Hr.
  • Apologies go out to all Pax in attendance as the Q got “pooped” resulting in a prayer fail.  I started speaking in tounges and basically lost it during the 3rd F culminating in a broken, barely comprehendable string of words that ended with an Amen.  Fungo has next week’s prayer…