17 PAX showed at Pullen for some classic exercises from workouts past.  Nothing odd to report besides the lingering impact of Taylor Swift from Friday evening… but that is another story.  On to the thang – 

Mosey to stone Warm-up Circle – SSH, Imp Walkers, Windmills, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers, Fazio Arm Circles

Break up into two groups at the Concession stand
Group 1 – “Decline Plank on Wall” for 10x then raise to “Balls to the Wall” for 10x – repeat until runners return
Group 2 – 1 lap around pond
Flap Jack
Group 1 –  People’s chair until runners return
Group 2 – 1 lap around carousel
Group 1 – At the picnic tables – Decline Sarkozy / Decline Putin on a 10X cadence rotation until runners return
Group 2 – 1 lap around the pond
Stumble to the grass field for a “Circle-o-Merkins / Push-o-Rama” pyramid
Standard Mericans x 2
Diamond x 4
Carolina Dry Docks x 6
Side-to-Side “travelling” Mericans   x 8
Star x 10
Standard x 9
Diamond x 7
Carolina Dry Docks x 5
Side to Side x 3
Star x 1
Jog to Half-Pipe
Team AMRAP – between top of half-pipe and shelter across the way
– Squats & Burpees x 10
– single-leg pistols & Alternating jump lunges x 5 per leg
– single leg Dead-lifts & box jumps x 10 (real men go table top)
Enter Floppy Disk from Stage Right for remainder of the Q
Two sets of kneeling jumps (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK8RSp0DY7o).  From one side of the nice grassy amphitheater area to the other, then back.  .
6-minutes of Mary
WWII sit-ups x 25
Rosalita x 25
Freddie Mercury x 25
Little Floppy Crunches x 25
Series of planks (High, Chilcut, then alternating high to chilcut to high)
6 in leg hold, 3 count around circleFinished with COT
Moleskin –
* Great showing by the PAX.  YHC is still sore 48 hours later.
* Thanks to FD for picking up the final 15 minutes.  Sorry I had to bug out early and missed the close – Enron 2.0 soccer called for an early departure.  2.1 was still in bed when I arrived home… much motivation needed to rally the troops
* T-claps to Gnobby for the 9/11 Stair Climb.  Great job brother.
* Great to see all of the PAX in the gloom – my absence over the last 6-weeks has been tough between health and travel.  Glad to have the Fall season to get back into the groove.