Mule – n. An animal whose parents are a horse and an ass, known for its habit of being stubborn.

The time has come once again for the annual running of The Mule!  Yes, the time you’ve been waiting for, a lovely tour of the City of Oaks with your F3 brethren!

What you need to know:

  1. Saturday October 5th, we launch from Pullen Park at 6am for a tour of the lovely downtown Raleigh area.  We will return to Pullen Park no later than 10am.
  2. We’ll stop at 6 scenic locations along the route (including the Capitol).  The longest distance between locations is about 1.5 miles.  Total distance a little over 6 miles.
  3. Be there!  This will be the only workout in the Raleigh/Durham area that morning.  Don’t come alone!  Bring all the F3 brothers and FNGs you know!  Let’s continue the surge we’ve got going and make this the largest convergence we’ve had in Raleigh yet!
  4. Hydration and nutrition will be available at each stop and we’ll have someone watching the rear for stragglers if anyone needs aid.
  5. Be sure to arrive early for time to warm-up and sign the waiver that says you know we are not professionals and you do CSAUP things at your own risk.  No kidding about the wavier…

If you F3, you can and should do this event!  If you think 6+ miles is too far, your brothers will be there to help you!  Remember, CSAUP events are the ones you remember the most!  See you in the gloom on Oct 5th!