Sorry for the late edition. M. Floyd, Wizard and Floyd 2.0 had me working hard this weekend. With a good portion of our usual crew in Vancouver or on call, we were pleasantly surprised that 6 PAX arrived for our Bull City Beatdown.


Imperial Walkers x 5
LBAC x 20
Backwards LBAC x 20

Floyd’s Warm-up- 4 corners
Descending merkin pyramid
10 merkins, run to the next corner,
9 merkins, run to the next corner,
etc, etc.

Indian Run to the quad for
Flying J’s Warm-up- Partner sprints
One partner sprints 50 yards and back while the other exercises
50 yards, Merkins
50 yards, LBCs
50 yards, Air squats

Indian Run to the playground
2 stations, 2 groups, alternating
Traveling pullups on the monkey bars
10 decline merkins/10 incline merkins
Repeato x 3

Regular jog back to the quad with People’s chair in the hall

30 yard sprint, 10 exercises, 30 yard sprint back. Depending on finishing position, you may have to do 10 burpees (everyone did this once)
1. Merkins
2. Knee to chest jumps
3. Merkin Twists
4. Something (?)
5. Burpees

Beast Mode Mary: 6 stations, 6 reps, 6 sets. Everyone chose their favorite
1. WWII situps x 36
2. Russian Hammers x 36
3. Baby Seals x 36
4. Flying VJJ x 36
5. LBCs x 36
6. Side ups x 36


It was a good outing followed by fellowship at MadHatters.
Good to see and meet Domo who came out for his second outing.
We could’ve pushed this one hour and just participated in the Gay Pride 5k that was gathering at the Mad Hatters at 8am. Maybe next year.