14…wait…15….wait…finally 17 PAX (FNG Incl.) posted for a good morning of a great first F. Our friend the burden joined us. He is only 25 lbs, but he is pure dead weight that feels like 900 when running up a hill (or doing suicides.)

The weather was clear and crisp,the flags were planted, the disclaimers disclaimed and off we went.

Mosey to stone circle for a warm up. SSHx25, GM x 20, IW x 20, more SSH x15.

Robert Plant x 3 followed by plank x 10 to recover on the run to the gazebo where the plan was thwarted because the tables were gone. Alright, mosey on to another pavilion.

Pick a spot. Dips x 10, suspended derkins x 10, dips x 10, inclines x 10, low plank incline hold x 10, dips x 10, suspended derkins x 10.

run to upper field, plank tunnel of love x 2. you carroll boys might not get this one. We plank and crawl under. i know you prefer the much war daddy friendlier squat hold tunnel.

team up in teams of three (two with four) run to tennis courts. suicide relay. while each runs we do a mix of burpees and peoples chair, followed by a plank.

Then each man had to do a suicide run pattern across the court, shuttling teammates on his back until all were across. people’s chair

Partner Derkins. one man planks, the other gets in derkin position using partner as the elevation. Both perform merkin at the same time. flap jack.x5.

six line suicides

run to the low lot. squat hold circle. for fun each x 5.

Keep running to the amphitheater.

Partner Mary. Crotch sweats x 20, WWII x20, Partner sit ups x 23 (one partner holds the feet of the other down while in the plank position.) those on teams of three did LBCs while waiting their turn in the rotation.

Plankarama: high plank x 10, chilcutt x 10, chilcutt sarkozy x 10, chilcut putin x 10.

low plank hold x3 around the circle.

to the wall. One member of each team performs balls to the wall x 10, while the other perform a decline low plank hold. rotate through the entire team.

six inch leg hold x 10 around the circle.


Galatians 6:2: Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. There is more to this passage, but the lesson here is this: we need to be sure that, as men and brothers in F3, we are not only carrying our own burdens, but we are carrying the burdens of our brothers. The correlation is that we need to allow our brothers to also carry our burdens. Leaders become leaders when they are authentic and when they have humility. Jesus allowed his disciples to carry his burdens, as well as carrying theirs.

COT got personal today, and it needed to. We must allow the men who see us struggle with physical challenges and rejoice in triumphs on the field share the burden in the rest of our lives. being authentic means that you will probably find another brother who has lived through your present hell and might have some wisdom to walk you through it.

Oh…and thanks for carrying my 25lb medicine ball, named burden, around today. What we did as a group was a symbol of the life we should be leading in this community.

T Claps to the PAX who carried each other today, and to those of you who did calisthenics up in the north country, we hope you had as rewarding an experience. All of you are invited to participate in THE MULE x2 next saturday. All other workouts are cancelled on that day.

T Claps to sight Q Au Pair. He flew in from seven months in Italy last night and posted with full onset jet lag.

The Mule. Pullen Park, October 5, 0600.

Third F organizational meeting. November 12, sometime in the evening.