Warm up:  SSH X25, Sir Fazio Arm Circles X15, Fir Fazio Reverse X15, Wind Mill X25, Mountain Climbers X25

Follow me – Ran around neighborhood ending up at First Citizens parking lot.

BCG Squared: Group 1 – Bear crawl to cone followed by 10 Burpies, Group 2 – Crab walk to cone followed by 20 Crunches, Group 3 – Gorilla crawl to light post followed by Gazelle runs (two laps around parking lot.  Rotate.  PAX went through rotation twice.

Follow me – Ran north past Carroll Middle and ran into parking lot behind office buildings.

PMS:  Group 1 – Prisoner squats, Group 2 – Merkins, Group 3 – Suicides (to a lot of red solo cups!).  Group doing suicides called rotation.

Follow me – Ran back to north side of Carroll Middle School – PAX moved into groups of 3 – one PAX doing people’s chair, other two wheelbarrow up hill, rotate.  PAX went through rotation twice.

Follow me – Moved to west side of Carrol Middle – Dips X25, Decline Merkins X20, Dips X20, Decline Merkins X10

Follow me – Moved to bus lane and got in three lines. Ran wind sprints along bus line and in front of school. 3X.

Follow me – Moved to wall facing Six Forks – Balls to Wall – each PAX counting to three from start of line to end.

Follow me – Balls to the wall – each PAX counting to three from start of line to end

Follow me – Jogged back warm up parking lot

Mary: LBC X25, 6-inch leg hold 30 seconds, Gnobby Bike X25, 6-inch leg hold counting off around circle.

COT:  Rain Man shared some thoughts on “Follow Me.”  Q’s will often say “Follow Me” to PAX in transition to next exercise.  Jesus called common men using the word “Follow Me”.  He called men and boys who were not considered to be in the top schools or top jobs.  The Lord called Moses, a man who was not eloquent in speech, to lead people out Egypt.  Paul persecuted people, but the Lord called him and his impact was instrumental in the formation of the early church.  Reminded that each man is called by God whether it be his job or being with his family or community.  We are called every day.  God uses the words “Follow Me”.  PAX sat in silence reflecting on the words “Follow Me” and what you are being called to every day?