The crew was small, the gloom thick, and Mary waited.  The captain had promised a core meltdown that the folks at Sharon Harris would notice on their gauges.  When it was clear the group would stay at two, the captain of the vessel almost took pity on the crew….almost.  It was time to cast off.


The captain and crew circled the soccer field for a quick warm up and then stopped back at the docks (aka parking lot) for Side Straddle Hops x 25, Imperial Walkers x 20, and Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 x10.

They headed off to deeper water, and found an pain station, AMRAP and run.  One member ran a loop while the other performed an exercise on the playground equipment (pull ups/merkins and squats/rows and lunges).

Leaving the island they followed the currents to a place where bear crawl suicides were short and quick, but it wasn’t enough so the current pulled them to deeper waters and the wall.  There must have been some storm surges for the pain found themselves tossed head over heels again and again.  People’s Chair x 40, Balls to the Wall x 25, PC x 40, BTTW x 20.

Escaping the wall with the High Tide the duo found a small reef to do where they offered thanks with Halleluiahs x 7.

The siren’s song was heard across the sea.  Come to me, she sang, Come.  They could not resist the lure,  And so at full sail, they raced to Mary and her call to embrace the core meltdown.  Froggys x 25, Freddy Mercurys x 25, Plank x 25, Windshield Wipers x 25, Flutter Kicks x 25, Cannon Balls x 25, Peter Parkers x 25, V-ups x 25, Parker Peters x 25, LBCs x 25, Putin x 25, Sakozy x 25.

They faced the sirens and survived their haunting melody that calls a man to surrender himself to their torments.  Both of our stalwart sailors would not be beaten by their songs.  They survived the meltdown, weighed anchor and headed off to their home ports.


Great work done by Bret Michaels who struggles with a past shoulder injury to hang in there during the BTTW.  Two missing members left us feeling a little out of sorts.  It’s a bit odd to do cadence counting when there’s only two, but how else do you keep track of what you’re doing?  Vaseline is out with shin splints, and Monster Biscuit was expected, but was UA.  Perhaps it’s time to Shang Hai some folks.