21 Pax posted for YHC’s inaugural Q.  The gloom was very dark, the air was crisp.  Note to any future Q’s at NH, writing down your workout plan won’t do you any good without a flashlight or night-vision goggles, at least until next summer.  The shovel flag was planted, the disclaimer given and off we went

The Thang

Run the Currituck-Yadkin-Macon loop

Circle up in the parking lot for the warm up:  25x SSH, 25x Imperial Walkers, 20x Good Mornings, 20x Windmills, 20x Sir Fazio Arm Circles – 10 forward, 10 backward

Recover on the run over to the ball field

Line up the Pax along the edge of the outfield.  Sprint to the outfield fence and do 10 reps of an exercise and sprint back. The Hit List:  Burpees, squats, diamond merkins, single leg deadlifts (10/leg), wide grip merkins, pistol squats (10/leg), Carolina dry docks, lunges (10/leg), skull crushers and finally jumping lunges

That’s 10 total reps is your counting at home.

Plank it out for a 5 count around the horn.

Recover on the run over to the tennis courts

Split into 2 groups

Round 1

Group 1:  Burpee broad jump across the courts and jog back

Group2:  People’s chair


Round 2

Group 1:  Bear crawl across the courts, 10 Carolina dry docks, bear crawl back

Group 2:  Balls 2 the Wall


Round 3

Group 1:  Gorilla run down, 10 squats, gorilla run back

Group 2:  People’s chair



25x LBC’s, 15x Heels to heaven


The Mule @ Pullen on Oct 5th 0600hrs DST