It is the month of love, so YHC thought we could celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early.  3 pax showed for the pre-run, 8 for the main event.  Declaration of F3 mission statement and we were off.


SSH x 14

Good morning x 14

IW x 14

LBC’s x 56 (4 x 14)

(In honor of the Eagles’ win, 41 merkins OYO).


Line up for an Indian Run to Rangecrest.  Aflac had given some input (requests) for the workout, but since he didn’t show we paid him no mind and did what was planned.  YHC explained that nothing says love like some humpers and a teddy bear…SO…

14 burpees OYO

28 monkey humpers OYO

Bear crawl to the top of the hill.

Repeat exercises at the top adding in 56 LBC’s (to catch our breath), then reverse bear crawl (or crab walk) down the hill.

Same thing at the bottom, then back up the hill and over with exercises at the top and then on the other side.

It’s amazing how hard it can be to reverse bear crawl down Rangecrest, but the pax did it with grace.

We were running out of time, so Indian Run back to the lot for:

14 partner clap merkins, run to the other end, repeato, then back across the lot.

56 Carolina dry docks and 14 more humpers for good measure then back to the main lot for 56 Freddy Mercuries.

The pax rocked this workout and didn’t complain a bit (except for when YHC was feeling the beans from last night’s dip…).


Forum at noon at Panera Bread on Six Forks by Whole Foods.  Great discussion.  Mule on March 10th – meet at 6:15 at Chavis Park.


Anniversary of Man Ram’s dad’s death.  For the family and Man Ram.

YHC reminded the pax that amidst all the busyness of life, we need rest (just like during a workout sometimes).  Tuck reminded us well of this yesterday at Apostles.  Jesus encourages us in Matthew 11:28 that we should “come to [Him] all you who labor and are heavy laden, and [He] will give you rest.”  I pray we do this today.


The title of this post is in honor of U2.  During the workout Marmalade reminisced on better halftime performances like U2.  Here’s to the pax that endured the half-time performance of Justin Timberlake last night and still made it out to post this morning.  Separately, just a note to those who like to use the facilities at Crucible that there is a code on the door.  The three pre-run pax discovered this to our chagrin this morning, but pushed through with no mishaps. T-claps to that!  (If anyone is reading this and knows the code to that door, please share with the pax.  It will be well used in the future.)