In honor of Memorial Day, we were going to pay tribute to the seven active duty US military who gave the ultimate sacrifice with their lives in combat defending our country and protecting our freedoms in 2016. Our tribute was by way of traveling up the long, slow incline in various methods.

Mosey to middle parking lot…
Side shuffle hop IC x 20
Imperial walkers IC X 15
Arm Circles IC x 10
Reverse Arm Circles IC x 10
Windmill in IC x 10

My Little Pony explained the plan –

The first was a bear crawl to the top/road in honor of 1st Lt. David Bauders
The second was a backwards sprint to the top/road in honor of Sergeant Joseph Stifter
The third was traveling merkins to the 1st median/island in honor of Special Warfare Operations 1st Class Charles Keating IV
The fourth was a partner carry (trading places at the circle, then proceeding to the top/road) in honor of Major John Gerrie
The fifth was frog jumps to the first median/island in honor of Airman 1st Class Nathaniel McDavitt
The sixth was a crawl bear to the circle, then a lunge walk to the top in honor of Army Staff Sargeant Matthew McClintock
The seventh was a sprint in honor of Staff Sargeant Louis Cardin

We then proceeded to the parking lot for a quick Mary – 20 World War IIs.

Prayer request: Beano’s high school friend Greg Mullis recently and unexpectedly passed away. Prayers go out to his family and friends.

We also pray for and hold in our thoughts, the friends and family of the seven service members mentioned above and all those who’s lives have been affected by military loss. We pray for safe and happy travels this Memorial Day Weekend.

It’s an honor an privilege to be a part of and have the opportunity to lead this amazing group!