Well, that was interesting.  Despite my best intentions, it was still a bit of a bust as a virgin Q.  Thanks men for the sharpening over the past year (yep, posted a year ago thanks to HotSpot’s headlock).  Since then I’ve made many new friends, and hopefully didn’t end any friendships today.

Arrived extra early in the not-so-gloomy-gloom to mentally prep for the Q, which in the end didn’t help one bit as I pretty much threw it out the window.  McCants arrived bright and early, and scared the bejeepers out of me after Cheddar-bo opened the gates about 5:25.

I was humbled with how many men were arriving for this morning’s test.  I was then terrified that I did not have a battle-tested plan in place.  After running through the workout twice live, I audibled this morning.

22 Pax including YHC at go-time, all timing devices synced up, no FNG at the start so no disclaimer.


Follow me.  We took a capri lap to kick things off. Not sure how to take this…Burt running up front with me, introducing himself, and asking if I’m that marathon guy.  Burt and McCants running up front this morning was awesome.  Today I did not feel like that marathon guy.

1st exercise, Pledge of Allegiance.  Haven’t seen that done yet, but Michelob so kindly planted the Flag that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Thank you Michelob.

Follow me to the 1st speed bump for

  • 20 SSH IC.  Kinda cool to do 360 degree SSH and see the PAX.

Follow me to the top lot for

  • 15 Good Mornings IC.  

Follow me down powerline hill to the hub for

  • 15 Hacky Sack IC (nod to Hotspot).  The pax sensed the tailspin this morning was in.  Burt smelled fear.

The Thang (such as it is):

Indian Run up the hill, making the PAX nervous.  Stop at the top for

  • 4 Abe Vigoda IC.  Yeah, I know what was the Q thinking?  It made more sense on paper.  Was going to make it a 10 count but we’d have been there until noon.  First round of harass the public.

Lots of chatter from the pax about the pace needed to get around the lake if that was the goal.

Follow me back down the hill, near the “hub”  to the small grass field for

  • 15 prisoner squats.  I was counting so loud in my head I thought you could hear me…oops.  More harassing the public.

Fellowship run to the shelter for the Denali welcoming party (good morning Denali!).  Yet another round of interrupting a nice walk.

  • 15 Irkins
  • 15 Dips
  • 15 Derkins (or Irkins if you heard that)

Follow me along the path to the clearing for some Sir Fazio.   Denali’s favorite.

Almost made a victory lane tunnel for a racewalker.  More harassing the public.

  • 15 SFAC forward
  • hold it
  • 15 SFAC reverse
  • hold it
  • 15 Corkscrew left (searched the Exercises, didn’t see it, not sure what to call it)
  • hold it
  • 15 Corkscrew right

Follow me on a fellowship run to the next clearing

  • 20 Lil Man Jumping Jacks IC, almost turned into an Indian run version with YHC parading through the middle.  Felt like Dance Fever

Follow me to the dock to walk the plank

  • Plank, right arm, right leg, regular, left arm, left leg, regular
  • Chilcutt Peter Parker.  Lots of WTF from Burt.  Made me smile.

Follow me along the path to the curve, then split off for

  • 20 Plank Jacks IC

Seeing that time was almost gone…U-turn and Indian Run back to the dock (harassing the public again), with a pitstop on the dock for

  • Squat hold recover for the pax.
  • Deep
  • Deeper

Follow me back on the path for a fellowship run that turned into a…

  • Billy Run back to the shelter for some plank-o-rama recovery.
  • The pax circled back and picked up the sixes, kudos guys for helping out your struggling Q who was seeing his plans crumble.  Thanks Hotspot for the coaching along the way.

Follow me on a slow walk back into the lower lot, followed by a jog back to the shovel flag for some Mary.


  • 10 WWII IC
  • 10 Freddy Mercury IC (brain foggy…did we actually do these?)
  • 5 Boat/Canoe
  • Have a Nice Day


Count-o-rama:  23…wow!

Name-o-rama:  3, or 4 Respects, mostly MEHs, a hate maybe?  Though we didn’t have a FNG at the very start, by the time we got to SSH, we had picked up Eddie (Cheese).  It could’ve been worse Cheese.  Much worse.  Your name, not the workout.  YHC is not proud of today’s plan. Time to sign up for Q-school I believe.  Welcome Cheese!

Prayer Requests

Though I’ve only known most of you for a year (a few exceptions in HotSpot and Hasselhoff), I have been amazed at how strong the bond and tight the connection of this brotherhood.

We celebrate our joys together.

We share our worries together.

And we mourn our losses together.

When it would be easier to fartsack the day away, we gather at 0540 (or 0605 for Denali) and lean on each other.  I don’t have the words to express the heartbreak we all feel for Chinese Downhill, but hopefully our presence together for this short time today and in the future provides a foundation to build on in the days and weeks ahead.  CD your family, and your extended family in Rebecca, is in the prayers of the A-Team and F3 family.

Also prayers for Callahan’s 2.0.

Discussion on shirts (CAPEx, CARPex, CARPEx DIEM), shipping, colors, sleeves, matching do-rags, some such chatter..suffice it to say, if you want a shirt, the order closes on 6/19.

Also I am sure, we mourn for the senseless, horrific actions in Orlando.  No matter who you are and where you stand, humans are still humans.  Hopefully the brotherhood, compassion, and kindness we are sharing at F3 and in our community will continue to spread.

Grinch was so kind as to take us out.  Beautiful words Grinch, your heart is not 2 times too small.


As I told McCants when I arrived in the lot, I fretted over this day more than any in recent history.  I tried different variations of exercises I like, and don’t like.  I’ve only posted maybe 20-25 times over the year, so my data set is pretty small.  It’s all still very new and fresh to me, and I struggle with what works well together.  The only way to get better is to keep doing it though, and I will continue trying to get better.

Don’t let today reflect on Hot Spot’s coaching.  He told me not to make it run heavy. And I’m sure he would not have approved of the Abe Vigoda.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  I clocked right at 3 miles. https://www.strava.com/activities/607910306

Old Maid