Heavy black kettle bells call forth the ultimate in Heaviness.
If The Blitz had an official food, it would be the 16-oz jalapeno bacon Texas Pete cheeseburger.
If The Blitz had an official mascot, it would be the Black Rhino.
If The Blitz had an official tree, it would be the Giant Sequoia.
And if The Blitz has an official soundtrack, this is it:

Iron Maiden – Different World – 2006
Metallica – Motorbreath – 1983
Anthrax – Lone Justice – 1985
Megadeth – Hook In Mouth – 1988
Living Sacrifice – The Battle – 2008
Russian Circles – Lebaron – 2013
Becoming The Archetype – The Time Bender – 2012
Pelican – Lathe Biosas – 2012
Living Sacrifice – Bloodwork – 2000
Sacrifice – Anthem (RUSH cover) – 2010 (Original RUSH recording, 1975)
Metallica – Crash Course In Brain Surgery – 1987 (Original Budgie recording, 1974)

Heavy. That’s The Blitz in one word. Crushing, devastating, face-melting heaviness.
So today, the PAX were inspired, yea, propelled by a Heavy Metal Hall of Fame stretching from the early 80s up through the 20-teens. And while this earth-shaking Heavy Metal setlist serenaded the PAX, this was June 8th The Blitz breakfast menu:

Egg Beaters
Halfway Round the Worlds
Full Round the Worlds
Two-handed mini-swings
Move to the grass beside the school cafeteria kitchen
Single-Arm Swings (R/L)
x15 / x20 / x15
Goblet Squats
x15 / x20 / x15
x15 / x20 / x15
Kettle Bell Chest Press
x15 / x20 / x15
Squat to High Pull
x15 / x20 / x15
Dying Cockroach
x15 / x20 / x15
Single-Arm Rows (R/L)
x15 / x20 / x15
Goblet Squat
x15 / x20 / x15
Heels to heaven
x15 / x20 / x15
Two-armeded Swing
x15 / x25 / x30
Alternating Lunges
x15 / x20 / x15
American Hammers
x15 / x20 / x15
Move back to launch point
Two-armeded swings x15
Tricep Extensions x15
Single-Arm Rows x15 (R/L)

Today, the PAX received a super-abbreviated history lesson on the progression of heavy metal.
Iron Maiden represents the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) from the early 80s. They and bands like them were trailblazers.
Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax represent some of the finest American heavy metal, considered three of the Big Four that introduced Thrash Metal to the world in the early 80s.
In the late 90s/early 2000s, a fresh wave of troops plugged into Marshall stacks and explored new ground. Living Sacrifice and Becoming The Archetype are two Christian bands who helped pioneer Death Metal and Progressive Death Metal (respectively).
And finally, like heavy metal divers exploring the crushing fathoms of the sea, two Post-Metal bands that side-step vocals and simply let the guitars and drums do the talking: Russian Circles and Pelican are no-nonsense, beautifully heavy bands from the windy city of Chicago.
The PAX expressed varying degrees of appreciation/puzzlement at this lineup. Tiger Beat requested further pedagogy with regard to the origins and elements of Post-Metal. Apologies brother, but the work before us demanded that we plow forward. There simply wasn’t time!
YHC has wanted to run a Q with this setlist for some time. The PAX are now more cultured, horizons broadened. You’re welcome, men.

The Arena this and every Friday, 2:30pm. If you’re able, post there for the sake of the men in recovery at Healing Transitions.

For Quagmire as he gives the Carnage graduation address this morning.
For Flatline – clean bill of health.
For Cinderella’s family, celebrating the life of his granddad, but missing him at his passing.
YHC shared that all the heavy metal absurdity aside, the sound of heavy metal music evokes the notion of The End. The End being the time when finally death, sin, suffering and wrong are finally put to rest by the triumphant return of our Lord. Somehow this music seems to call those impending events to mind for YHC. So, the PAX were urged to live today in light of the triumphant hope we have that one day all those trials and sufferings will be put to rest.

And finally, Fazio, filled with the Spirit, led us out with prayers that helped us meditate on who we would cross paths with and how we might serve them today. Profound prayers to wrap our time. Grateful for his insightful, other-centered leadership.
Thanks brethren. Carry on. Tuck, out.