Conditions: 61 degrees and “Ahhh yes” humidity. Clear

Warm Up:  Circled around our virtual flag this morning

15 Good Mornings

10 Imperial Walkers

10 Moroccan Night Clubs

20 Sir Fazio Arm Circles

The Thang:  So I hate Sweet Gum trees, which I unfortunately have several in my wooded yard.  I make it a personal resolution to cut a tree a year.  This resolution, combined with my penchant toward watching Navy Seal training stuff, and participation in F3 could only have one ultimate result: Log workout.  So I jumped on the opportunity given by Moon Shine (hope the chiropractic visit went well). Only problem was that I haven’t cut down the tree.  When I finally find myself free, its 7:55 PM!  Sun sets in 4 minutes with Johnny 5’s voice echoing in my mind, “It’s going to be dark.”  He is right but I don’t care, it’s going to happen.  Pre- Q bonus workout looks like chainsawing logs and loading up 4-7 feet segments in the back of Suburban.  Where is my neighbor, Sparky, when I need him?  Oh right, it’s 9:30 pm and he’s caring for his 2.0.  Fortunately my 13 year old, female 2.0 chips in, so it should be a breeze for the PAX, right?

  1. unload the logs, CiCi and Hot Dog feeling ambitious, but quickly chose a wiser path.  Pair up teams per a log with one solo act on a lighter log.
  2. Carry logs around short circuit of the playground and stopping on the corners for exercise.
  3. Log Squats (Floppy was hoping for another variety, but I think he forgot) X10 (2 sets)
  4. Muricans around the clock with log (12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock) x 10. (2 sets)
  5. Sit ups with logs x 10 (2 sets)
  6. Log lunge x 10 ( 2 sets)
  7. Alternating shoulder tap with logs x 10 (2 sets)
  8. Log Curls x 10 (1set)
  9. Log overhead press with a 3 count x 10 did I mention #Ihatesweetgums ? Then repeat for the next Circuit but ran out of time at step 7.

Stopped here for our virtual Name-O-Rama (Sorry guys), a little of our 3rd F talk,

Announcements: Remember our Raleigh Convergence on Labor Day at Pullen, Spartan is coming, Needing more Q signups at EXCALIBUR and The Farm, I threatened with more log workouts

MoleSkin: “So God will never give you more than you can bear.”  Problem with that, is that it’s just not true and not in the Bible.  It does say in 1 Cor. 10 13, “No temptation has overtake you except such is common to man.  But God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation make a way of escape that you may be able to bear it.”  However that is talking about temptations, not burdens.  God will design life for those He loves so that it will be beyond them and they have to trust in God .  Instead of seeing hopelessness, there is hope in God working in our life.  Some of how God will work to help us endure will be in our 2nd F so we team up together to take a load together.  1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.”

Prayer: Remembered Moonshine and his back recovery.

Close: Finish up by carrying off logs.  We Decided to stash away logs for future use,  CiCi redeemed his pride by toting off base log.

Final Pro & Con: Within 12 hours a living, annoying Sweet Gum has been cut, segmented, and removed from my house.

However, I might need to join Moonshine and his chiropractor.