11 PAX showed up at True Grit for YHCs second Q.    Because YHC finished “early” on his VQ, a lot of thought was put into trying to get the timing down with this workout.  Unfortunately, a lot of thought was not put into the fact that you don’t see daylight at Shelley Lake until about 10am (what’s wrong with that place).  Thankfully, ManRam had his headlamp and we were ready to go.


SSH x 25

GM x 15

Squats x 15

MC x 15

Merkins x 15



Partner up and run to the rock pile.  Grab one rock per group and mosey up path to the top of the hill above the dam.  Partner chase around the Ring of Fire, about 2 miles.  One partner runs with rock while the other partner does 5 burpees, chase down your partner, grab the rock and keep running.  Stop at the halfway point and plank it out until everyone catches up.  20 LBCs OYO.  Wait for barking dog to get by and resume burbee partner chase.  Finish where we started above the dam.  Someone was leading some sort of exercise when YHC showed up.  Not sure who it was or what they were doing (that rock was getting heavy) but thanks and good job.  

Slow jog a few yards down the path in front of the large field.  Keep your same partner and your rock.  One partner runs to the pull up bars, about 400 yards or so, for 5 pull ups and 5 knees to elbows while the other partner does squat thrusters with the rock.  Flapjack.  Next set was the same except we did 25 thrusters and 10 WWII sit-ups.  Return rocks and jog to parking lot.



6 inch leg hold in cadence x 30

Chilcutt in cadence x 30

American Hammer in cadence x 30



911 Stair Climb at Carter-Finley

Labor Day Convergence at Pullen Park 7am


Prayers for ManRam’s friend Sharon and prayers for Rain Man and his family.  


Zima took us out with a great prayer.  


Naked Moleskin

A great group today, everyone pushed hard.  Mumble Chatter was at a minimum probably because of the burpees, rocks and running or maybe because it was so dark you couldn’t really see who you were talking to.   I did think someone was going to get attacked by the dog but I think it just got freaked out by the red light on ManRams headlamp, especially when he was doing burpees.  Zima informed Polaroid that he can’t always remember his name and may, from time to time, call him Kodak.  Polaroid agreed to answer to both.  T-claps to Ron Mexico for EC run by himself.  YHC felt a little bad for making him run The Ring of Fire again, but just a little.  


Thanks for letting me lead.