Easy workout today. Name of the game was bursts of intensity followed by short rest. Rinse, repeat, over and over and over.

Groin Stretch

Tabata-30 seconds on, 12 seconds rest.
Drop squat
High Knee
Broad Jump/Back Hop
Dan Jansen
Spider Mtn Climber
Jumping Mtn Climber
Plank Jack
Seal Jack
Shoulder Tap
Toe Tap
Plyo Merkin

Run from Edenton to Jones and back, circle up.

Rinse/repeat X 4.

Arena, Haven House, Labor Day, 9/11 stair climb.

Prayers for Skyline, his M, & future 2.0′ safe entry into the world. Prayers for struggling families, and those dealing with illness. Well done gents. Always enjoy the Q. If you haven’t tried, try.