With the VSF planted, 13 P.A.B.’s (one wearing a Duke Pep Band-style rugby shirt) set out into the gloom for an early Thursday payment of pain and return of the double helix with a crawling twist. Let’s do this.


  • Lap around park
  • SSH x 25
  • Good Mornings x 15
  • Merkins x 20
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 7, Reverse x 7

Pax then divide up into pairs to tackle the double-helix style layout.  One rule: if you are in the grass area of the park, absolutely NO walking/running is allowed.  Only bear crawls. That includes between stations and circuits. And if you’re on a station where your partner is doing work, you better be doing 4-count flutter kicks.  No stopping.

CIRCUIT #1 (bear crawl between stations):

  • Mama Junk Sledge Hammer Hits x 10
  • Bear Crawl Cone Agility Drill (backward, forward/diagonal, backward, forward/diagonal to beginning) x 2 times each
  • Heavy Pipe Zercher Squats x 10
  • Cinder Block Jane Webbs to 5
  • Sled push across park and back with 45 lb. plate
  • Run 1/2 lap around park

CIRCUIT #2 (bear crawl between stations):

  • Curtis P x 3
  • Medicine Ball Toss over backstop x 10
  • Pull-ups x 10 (2 sets)
  • Burpee Box Jumps x 10
  • 21’s with Olympic Bar
  • Run 1/2 lap around park

Pax switch circuits at halfway point (approx. 1.5 turns through) to increase the pain sensation.  And yes, bear crawl between circuits.


  • LBC’s x 50
  • Believe-it-or-Nots x 20
  • Rosalitas x 25


  • GORUCK Challenge is being targeted for April.  Talk to Fungo, YoYo, or Utah if interested – and come check out one of the pre-ruck’s on Wednesday mornings before Ball Bearings.  0530 launch.
  • Mud Run sign-ups end on November 8 — make sure you sign up, either as part of a team or as a free agent.  White Shoe has details.
  • Hi-Fidelity is moving to Tuesdays.