With the flag planted, 17 PAX ventured into the gloom for dual circuit version of Heavy Metal, including a rare appearance by Mama Junk.


  • Jog around park
  • SSH x 30
  • Windmills x 25
  • Mountain Climbers x 25
  • Fazio Arm Circles x 10, switch x 10

The Thang:

Two circuits, run simultaneously, with half of the Pax partnered up on each circuit, AMRAP each exercise (except where noted) and rotating through each circuit AMRAP:

Circuit #1:

  • Sprint around park (timekeeper)
  • Medicine ball toss over the backstop
  • Cinderblock manmakers
  • Pax #1: Hangcleans x10, Pax #2: dips AMRAP (flapjack)
  • Merkins with El Jefe

Circuit #2:

  • Sprint around park (timekeeper)
  • Mama Junk! (team choice of 2-man flips, or single-man back and forth)
  • Jane Webbs
  • Kettle Bell swings
  • Pull-ups



  • Freddy Mercuries x 30
  • Sarkozys x 15 (leg up for last 5)
  • Putins x 15 (leg up for last 5)
  • Low-plank hold (3 count around circle)



  • Now is the time to hard commit for the May GoRuck, and to be a part of the team experience.  An F3-dedicated cadre has been secured, so let’s make it a good showing.  Talk to White Shoe for details if you need them.
  • YHC thought the dual circuits would be a good way to accommodate a large group and still keep things moving – some minor hiccups at the beginning, but think it turned out well in the end.
  • Welcome to F3, Repo!  The Pax was forgiving of your quasi self-naming (ask Cinderella what happens when you do that), and great to have you out.
  • 2nd F is next Thursday (7:30pm) at Player’s Retreat.