28 PAX posted today for beautiful morning in the Gloom.  At least 9 wandered in from GoRuck training, and they found a CLT brother along the way.  A few classics from the Ball Bearings archives (including from YHC first post at Ball Bearings in October).  Throw in a some new items and we had a strong workout today.  Loved the grumbling from the PAX.
The Thang:


Warm-up Mosey around the Park
SSH X 25
Imperial Walkers x 25
Good Mornings x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
Fazio Arm Circles X 8 X 2


Fellowship Jog to field
Balls to Wall – 10 count
Balls to Wall – left arm only
Balls to Wall – right arm only


Bear Gorilla Bear.  8 Times: 10 Yd. Bear Crawl; 10 Yd. Gorilla Run; 10 Yd. Bear Crawl; 10 Merkins; Sprint Back.


Recover on the Run to the Stone Circle, partner up:
Partner 1 doing continuous squat hold in the hole, while partner 2 does 10 jump ups on wall.  Proceed with a round with alternating step ups on wall and a round with calf raises.


Partner 1 in the hole for 10 merkins then run up to tag partner 2, who is doing continuous dips on upper wall, swap.  Proceed with a round with diamond merkins and a round with wide merkins. x 2


Mosey to House of Cats:
Half Pax peoples chair on House of Cats while other half sprints to hill, runs to bottom of hill and back up to House of Cats, switch.  x 3.


6 minutes of Mary in Field of Cats
LBC x 25
Russian Hammer x 20
Inverted Moutain Climbers x 15
Sarkozy x 10 (leg raise for 6-10)
Putin x 10 (leg raise for 6-10)
Crotch Sweats




*  Thanks for the patience with the new items – although injury release worthy, the single-arm balls to the wall was good.  Not as pleased with the inverted mountain climbers…
*  Don’t forget the Twitter
*  Now is the time to HC for GoRuck Challenge Raleigh (5.25.2013).  Let White Shoe know if you want to be on the GoRuck email list.  A workout plan has been laid out – you need to step up and carry the load.
* Anyone headed to Seagull / Seafarer this weekend for Y-Guides Spring Outing?