9 PAX woke up early, laced ’em up, and came out into the cold (?) to get their weekend started right

Warm-up (Timbuktu)
SSH x20, jump lunges x20, mountain climbers x20, merkins x20
Rapid hops: moguls side to side feet together, right leg, left leg, together – rinse/repeat back to front
50 yards, exercise down, jog back: jog, high knees, butt kicks, defensive shuffle each direction, high knee karaoke each direction, grape vine (karaoke) each direction

Mosey over to “Wimbledon” (Flying J)
3 station on the tennis court, each court correlates with tennis scores (15, 30, 40) – go through each station sprint to next – then go to the next court for another exercise set
Court 1: burpee, run, burpee, run, burpee (15)
Court 2: jump lunge, run, jump lunge, run, jump lunge (30)
Court 3: merkin, run, merkin, run, merkin (40)
Court 4: carolina drydock, run, CDD, run, CDD (15)
Court 5: air squat, run, air squat, run, air squat (30)
Cour 6: knee-up merkin, run, KUM, run, KUM (40)

Mosey to the wall (Doogie)
People’s chair 10 count down the line with lazy boys (one leg up)
Bows/Toes planks 10 count down the line with side planks
Modified “indian runs” – everyone lines up and does an exercise while person at back of line goes to front
1. LBCs while person on end does duck walk to the front
2. Planks while person on end does bear crawl to the front
3. People’s chair while person on end does crab walk to the front
Ring of fire – alternate exercises while person runs around the circle
Merkin, CDD, Merkin, CDD, air squats, jump lunge, AS, JL, AS

Mary: everyone gets an exercise
russian hammers, windshield wipers, boxes with a twist (rosadollys, hellolitas..), plank leg lifts, bicycles, WW2s, reverse crunches, supermans/sky divers, slow flutter


– Welcome to our new FNG Rain Man – unfortunately not local but we hope you come back and post again… can’t help but think we wasted a pretty cool name on a Texan,… but thats okay
– Has anyone seen Riggs?
– Nice work Timbuktu and Flying J on their first Q