The shovel flag was planted as the PAX of 23 enjoyed a different format at Pullen Park. Spring has sprung as numbers are growing which makes for a big crowd in some narrow spaces. Today was not necessarily the day, but it’s coming. Problem or predicament? Problems have solutions, predicaments have outcomes. Small problems typically have simple solutions…..for now at least.

The Thang:

SSHx 25

Warm Up Run


Good Mornings x 20, Mountain Climbers x 25, Plank Jacks x 25, Merkins x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20

(Split into 2 groups, Chong Li takes Group 1 and Maize takes Group 2)

Chong Li’s Set

Picnic Tables at top of Half Pipe.

Descending Pyramid of Jump Ups, Derkins, Single Leg Squats (20-16-12-8) with half pipe run between sets (not a typo). Run to tennis courts afterwards.

Muyagi Merkins x 20, Namaste Squats x 20, Brazilian Merkins x 10 – American Suicides (3 Rotations)

Q’s Trade Groups

Maize’s Set

Run to Gazebo for Double D Pyramid

Dips & Derkins x5, x10, x15, x10, x5

The Filthy McDeuce

Partner Up at bottom of the hill. Partner 1 runs 100% to the top and back, Partner 2 performs AMRAP….tag and rotate. Exercises: LBCs, Diamonds, Squats, Star Jumps, Burpees. Jog to field afterwards.

Leap Frog Burpees : Full field length and then back. Walking the Plank L&R in between.

Run back to Park Picnic Tables near entrance.

Group 1 Balls to Wall x 20, Group 2 Dips x 20……flapjack.


Hibberty Jibberty x 20, WW2 Sit Ups x25 Rosalitas x 25, LBCs x 30, Flutter Kick Circle – 7 count per PAX (BRUTAL!) and that is all…..

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” -Frank A. Clark


Naked Moleskin:

– New Q format tested out on the Raleigh grounds today for the first time. For simplicity YHC decided the Qs would run their set twice, second guessing started during round 2 of McDeuce at 20 till……then I read what Chong Li’s set included afterwards and felt much better. Did we get enough Merkins in there?

-2nd F in full force this morning. Post workout almost everyone stayed around and chatted rather than heading for their cars, the beauty of Saturday morning. 17 people at Cup of Joes for coffeteria including Floppy Disk and CK. Dredd wipe that tear from your eye, I know it’s your favorite thing to hear and see.

– GoRuck May 25th registration now open…..time to bring it rather than sing it.

– Susan Komen Race June 8th- F3 Raleigh has a team. Sign up!

-“Busted flat in Baton Rogue, waiting for a train.” Great to see Charlotte visitors McGee & Mighty Mite this morning, lots of FNGs and out of town visitors again this week. A punctution mark makes it’s debut in a F3 name today, what’s next a symbol? #qformerlyknownaswhiteshoe

– F2 @ Player’s Retreat this Thursday April 25th….7:30 till