Seven of us showed up for a 6:00am launch. We did a quick warm up with some calf raises, the wood chop and modified Fazio arm circles with leg extension. We then ran over to the nearest parking deck to complete a round of 15 pull-ups of a precast girder. After everyone’s hands were adequately scarred, we moved on to a handrail to do some Australian pull-ups and chin ups. The next stop was in a field for some partner merkins. One partner does a merkin with the other partners feet on their back. Chong Lee earned some extra credit by doubling up on the weight. Next we ran over to the greenway, when out of the fog appeared Money Hose, who used his Blood Hound like tracking skills to hunt us down. After some pleasantries we moved on to our next exercise. I called it the lung worm, which entailed lining up, lunging a rock from right to left, lunging back to pick up the next rock and continue. The guy at the end of the line then runs to the front to continue the worm. At this point we were at the low point of the trail so we started the long slow run back to the top.