15 good men showed to charge blindly down the trail, facing their challenges head-on!

The Thang:

Warm-up jog through the streets of North Hills to the beginning of the trail where the fun was to begin.

Trail Marker 1:

Plank Holds until team fully assembled.

Murkins x20

Squatts x25

Indian Run until the trail became too narrow, forcing a single file run along the treacherous banks of the great Crabtree Creek.

Trail Marker 2:

Plank Holds until team fully assembled.

LBC x25


Group Run to The Valley

Murkin Valley:

Plank Holds until team fully assembled.

Putin/Sarkozy x10 (ea)

Wide-Arm Murkin x10

Off-Set Murkin x5 (ea)

Group Run to the base of Lassiter Hill, changing over to the Incline Indian Run. Awesome. Brutal.


Plank Holds until team fully assembled.

Low Plank x15

Off to another group run.

Scenic Overlook:

Where better a scenic overlook than the bridge over I-440? And what better way to cross it then with Bear Crawls!

Back on two legs for the group run down Currituck, with a brief stop for…

LBD x15

Murkins x15

Group Run continued.


Danger has been smelled and a “He Sees Me!” has been called. Once everyone has hit the deck in low plank hold, it is determined that the only means of escape is an all out sprint to the top of the hill.

With all PAX gathered, cool down run to the park for some quick mary:

WWII Sit Up x20

Freddy Mercury x20

Rosalita x20

Russian Hammer x25


Thank you, Orwell, for taking us out, leading us into the day with good words. A solid 3.1 miles to everyone.


Second F at Players Retreat on Thursday.