An unsuspecting Pax of 11 showed up to meet Heavy Metal’s newest guest, THE Roanoke Rick. You see, Roanoke Rick and his 14-station obstacle course don’t mind the Pax using the park, but from time to time, the Pax must pay.


  • Pass out printed guides with locations of stations and corresponding exercises
  • Lap around the park with very brief explanation of the course
  • Let’s roll


Roanoke Rick is a 14-station course spread the across the park and parts of the Five Points neighborhood. It is meant to be run at MAX effort, as fast as possible, sprints between stations, and with a brief recovery time between rounds. Good luck.

  • START: Bench Press x 10
  • PAVILION: Dead Hang Pull-ups x AMRAP (10 max)
  • BENCHES: Burpee Box Jumps x 10
  • 1st SWING SET: Swing Derkins x 10, Australian Pull-ups x 10
  • 2nd SWING SET: Monkey Crawl across top bar and back
  • FENCE BY PLAY AREA: Alternating Fence Hops
  • BASKETBALL COURT: Bear-Gorilla-Crab one court length each (3 lengths total)
  • SIDEWALK BEHIND COURT: 55 lb. Kettle Bell Swings x 10
  • CHEROKEE & BICKETT: 80 lb. Heavy Pipe Zercher Squats x 10
  • FAIRVIEW RD: Sprint up hill to top
  • FAIRVIEW & AYCOCK: 10 burpees
  • AYCOCK: Lunge walk 100 yds to corner of Cherokee & Aycock
  • PARK: Sled push 30 yds to cone, turn and push back
  • PARK: Heavy Bag drag 25 yds to cone, turn and drag back
  • Sprint to starting line

Rinse and repeat. Pax were able to complete 2-2.5 rounds each.


  • LBC x 20
  • Homer to Marge x 20
  • Freddies x 20
  • Believe-it-or-Nots x 20
  • Reverse LBC’s x 20


  • Awesome work today by the Pax. This one was a burner that had something for everyone to enjoy (or hate).
  • Quote of the day goes to Munson, who after being first Pax to begin the course run, finished his set of bench press, then turned around and announced to the Pax, “After every set of those, I just want to rip my shirt off and flex!”
  • Today is the last day to sign up for the Raleigh Custom GORUCK Challenge. Don’t get stuck wishing you had signed up.¬†
  • Orwell closed us out.