On a crisp (and dry) Easter Monday, 24 PAX, including 2 FNGs, decided to start the week off right, Twisted Sister style.

Warm up: SSH, Good Mornings, Mtn Climbers, CDD, High Knees OYO all x 20.

Count off even and odd for 2-line Indian run to Yadkin Bridge over Greenway:
Burpee Box Jumps OYO x 20.  Irkins and Derkins x 20, repeato x 15.

Continue run down Allegheny and stop for Prisoner Squat x 20.

Sprint to beltline bridge and grab a rock for:

Squat Press, Curls, Rock Swings x 20.  Repeato.

Run up Sisyphus w/ rock, plank at picnic shelter, then:

Irkin, Derkin, Squat Press, Curl, Rock Swing, Irkin, Derkin, Dip, Irkin, Derkin — all x 20

Down Sisyphus, Squat Press x 20, deposit rocks.  Back up Sisyphus, plank at top (Regular, Putin, Sarkozy).


Good Mornings, LBC, Heels To Heaven, CDD all x 20.


Prayers for Ernie’s family on the loss of a full-term baby.  Prayers for Who’s family member who suffered a fall and head trauma.

2nd F opportunity this Thursday, 6pm at Player’s Retreat.

YHC challenged himself (and the PAX) to not underestimate Easter, the most important holiday in the Christian faith.  It’s not always easy to remember when Easter is (the first Sunday after the full moon following the March equinox, varying from 22 March to 25 April) but it’s important to remember why Easter is.

If you’re not receiving weekly emails from F3 let someone know.  Follow @F3Raleigh on Twitter for announcements and humor.  Well done this AM and welcome FNGs Swirly and Squeegee!