A PAX of 12 came out in what can only be described as a crapfest of crappy weather to join the Gnard Dogg on his maiden Q of the Raleigh mothership.  Despite Wonk’s pleas to head for the cozy confines of the NCSU parking deck, the PAX set out for the belly of the beast precisely as the bell tower rang out its 7:00 am battle cry. Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for your soggy ass.

The Thang

Quick jog around Lake Pullen and back to Stonehenge


  • SSH X 30
  • Good Morning X 20
  • Mountain Climbers X 30
  • Sir Fazio arm circles X 15 reverse X 15
  • Imperial Walkers X 30

Back to the lake, lunge walk over first bridge

Stop at Fantasy Island for a little Dirty McDeuce

4 Sets of 3 exercises (12 counts each) On today’s menu: Merkins over Prisoner Squats with a side of WWII Situps

But wait, save room for dessert: do another set for the Dirty McDeuce Plus

Lunge walk over second bridge and jog back to carousel  for some Hot Wheelbarrow Action

Partner up, go up, switch off twice, go down, repeato.

Jog over to Picnic Pavilion, find dude sleeping, jog over to next pavilion, our bad.

  • Alternating Left/Right step ups X 20
  • Dips X 15
  • OYO Jump ups X 15
  • Repeato

Anyone for Tennis?

Split into two groups

  • Group 1: BCG’s (Court 1 – bear crawl, Court 2 – crab walk, Court 3 – gorilla walk), Jog back
  • Group 2: Burpees
  • Flapjack
  • Group 1: GBC’s, Jog back
  • Group 2: BtotheW
  • Flapjack
  • Group 1: Karaoke down and back, Backwards run down and back
  • Group 2: People’s Chair
  • Flapjack

Exit stage left, Grab Your Stones

  • Curls X 20 (stop if you need to to find more suitable rock, resume)
  • Got the right rock now? Good. Pass it to the right.
  • Tricep Extensions X 20
  • This rock better than the last? Good. Pass it to the right.
  • Standing Row X 20
  • Finally got one you can handle? Perfect. See ya.
  • Shoulder Press X 20

Back to Stonehenge where Mary is waiting

  • LBC’s X 30
  • Freddy Mercury X 30
  • ‘Merican Hammers X 30




  • 2ndF Thursday 7:00pm at PR
  • F3 Dads May 31 9:0oam Fletcher Park
  • Memorial Day Murph is on, details to follow

Prayer requests

  • Denali and Grease Monkey on their imminent 2.0’s
  • Floppy Disk and his daughter

QIC just read Freed2Lead by Dredd and OBT.  Highly recommended for all F3 PAX.  In the book they mention a number of discoveries that they have made since starting F3 in 2011.  One of those is that F3 works because it is hard.  Hard to post in the gloom (especially today), workouts are hard, realizing that you are 3rd is hard.  Men seek to do things that are hard because hard things are play.  Easy, routine things are work (counter-intuitive, huh).  And all work and no play make us sad clowns.  Say no to the sad clown and get your MeanMeanStride on. (Confused? Just read the damn book.)

Thanks to whomever took us out as the QIC was buried under BOM and could only hear a voice from on high.