Knock the mud off your mountain bikes for leisurely ride in the woods on August 31.  The Shenandoah Backcountry Mountain 100  is a 100 miles of mountain biking over the single track, double track and fire roads of the George Washington National forest, complete with 13,000 feet of climbing, whoop-de-doos, drops, death cookies, baby heads, and other treats sure to test your stamina, skill and resolve.  This will be a #CSAUP beyond compare.

It is also wonderful opportunity for fellowship.  Many of the racers camp before and after the race, creating a party atmosphere.  It is also nestled close to Virginia’s “Brew Ridge Trail” which boasts more craft brewers that stop lights.  This is an event you will not want to miss.

When: August 31, 2014

Where: Stokesville, VA


  • $190 until June 14th, 2014 (online only)
  • $210 after 11:00 PM June 14th (online only)

Register here:

Who It’s For:  Anyone looking to push your physical and mental limits.  This is a tough event, but is very doable.  Get out on your bike.  Train hard.  Have fun.

Videos:   There are also lots on YouTube (where most riders seem to say “this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life”)

What else?  Let me know if you are thinking about it.  Once we know how many PAX have very little sense and actually sign up for this, we can coordinate the weekend events.

Be good for the world,

Cut Me Mick