Some days, an Orwellian idea can create conflict.  Today was one of those days, and it may come back to haunt a few of the PAX, YHC included…

The Thang:

Run in place while counting off…15 total.  Remember odd and even. Indian run on road around parking lot, around the circle and back up the road to the top of the lot (we picked up a stray vacuum cleaner along the way to make an even 16) for the warmup:

SSHx25, GM x 15, High Knees x 15, Windmill x 15, Sir Fazio arm circles x 10, Reverse

Mosey to Shelter for:

Jump Ups x 20 (OYO), Dips x 20, Alternating Step Ups x 20, Dips x 15, Jump Ups x 15…we may have done some more, but I forget.

To the Tennis Courts for a whole bunch of Suicides and Sprints:

Evens: Suicides sprinting forward and returning to the line running backwards.  Odds:  Prisoner Squat.  Flapjack

Evens:  Full on sprint to the other fence and back.  Odds: BTTW

Evens:  Regular suicides.  Odds:  People’s Chair

Repeato all three.

Mosey back to the shelter for more of the same:

Jump Ups x 15 (OYO), Dips x 15, Alternating Step Ups x 15, Dips x 10.

Jog to the parking lot for Odd and Even side-by-side “Big Mic(K)”…groaning ensues.  Somehow we were off balance on the number and the Evens ended up with one more bear crawler.  Sign of things to come?  If unaware of the Big Mic, all line up head to toe and plank, the PAX at the end of the line calls a five count cadence of ‘Mericans (10 total) and then bear crawls to the front of the line while the line continues in plank, rinse and repeat until all have cycled through.  It sucks.

Run to Burpee Hill for an Odd/Even Modified Jacob’s Ladder:

Evens run up and do two Burpees. Evens Call out exercise for Odds: ‘Mericans until evens return.

Flap Jack and Odds reciprocate with ‘Mericans

4 Burpees, both call LBCs, 6 Burpees, Evens call Reverse LBCs, odds call Prison Cell ‘Merican Burpees…hilarity ensues.

Mosey to field (gravel included free of charge) near parking lot for Mary:

Cross Fit Push Ups (Mahktar Ndiaye’s?) x 15, LBC x 30, WWII Situps x. 15, A chance for redemption for the evens as ManRam asked to call an exercise for the evens to do (obvious choice being PCMBs), but instead chooses Freddy Mercury for Odds and American Hammers for Evens…YHC chooses a 15 count of each for everyone, 6 inch leg hold for a 3 count since it was 6:29:30…done.


Sunday was YHC’s 9 month F3 Anniversary, so a nod to the most important day on the Christian calendar (and a passing mention of a different importance of the date to a certain segment of society) was made before talking about searching the bible for an appropriate verse regarding perseverance:

Galatians 6:9:  And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season, we will reap, if we do not give up.

In F3, as in life, we are faced with challenges.  Sometimes these come in form of sin, sometimes obstacles beyond our control, sometimes by our own demons or bad habits.  Whatever those challenges, we must persevere.  We are doing good, for ourselves and for others.  We will not give up.

F3 Dads at 9:15ish on 5/31 at Fletcher.

ManRam asked for volunteers to Q the Crucible…get with him or with Wilson.

There was grumbling about Evens getting screwed, and vows of revenge.  To be continued…

Cherie Berry led us out with a strong prayer.

Note:  Please chime in if I missed anything, and know that all the conflict was Orwell’s fault.spiritual-discipline-perseverance