Myrtle was there. Epoxy was there. It was not a quiet workout.

Warmup: SSH (50x; early groans); Imperial Walkers (10x); Windmills (10x).


Partner up. P1 calls an exercise for P2 to perform while P1 runs the length of the parking lot and back. Flapjack. Fungo attempted to encourage a race to the bottom between partners Epoxy and YHC. We stopped before things got out of hand.

Run to Mulch Mountain:
Run backwards up Mulch Mountain, shuffle around the mulch, run back down, and then plank; again with Bear Crawls around the mulch; again with Lunge Walks around the mulch; one last time shuffling around the mulch.

Run to the stadium seats:
Decline Merkins (10x); Left, Right Step-Ups (20x); Dips (15x); Box Jumps (10x).
Decline Merkins (10x); Left, Right Step-Ups (30x); Dips (15x); Box Jumps (10x).

Run to the curb:
Quick Feet (20x), Calf Extensions (20x); Quick Feet (20x); Calf Extensions (20x).

Parking Lot Suicides – each light pole and back.

Run backwards length of parking lot and back.

Run to baseball field:

SSH (50x; more groans).

Mary: WWII Situps (20x); Freddy (20x); LBCs (40x).

COT – Gatorade refreshments were served. We’ll save the Mike’s Harder Lemonades for after The Mule.

The Mule 10/25
TARP wanted everyone to know that he’s going to the beach this week. Lucky guy.

YHC closed us out in prayer.

Fungo and TARP get extra credit for running from Five Points to Jaycee Park before the workout. Like The Gobbler, we need a name for this run….