We started with 18 PAX, picked up two about 10 minutes in (Miyagi and FNG Serge), and finished with 22 after Munson and T Square entered the fray with about 10 minutes left having just completed a 7 mile Mule route beta test.  We finished with 21 after Minnie left a few minutes early in search of water.  It was really humid.  With a quick but proper disclaimer given, we did:

WARM UP:  Jog around the man-made pond with 3-4 stops for 5x burpees along with way.  Circle up at the stone circle for SSH x 20, IW x 15, Windmills x 15, Mtn Climbers x 15

MINI WIB:  Taking a cue from the newly started Judge, we did a 15 minute “workout in a bag.”  As many times as possible around the pond, with 10 burpees at Bird Poop Island, and 10 rows (on swingsets)/20 WWII sit-ups/20 merkins at playground area.  PAX made 2.5-3 loops in 15 minutes.

GUN SHOW:  Jog to rock pile.  Bicep curl x 20, tricep extension x 20, Freddie’s x 20, Bicep curl x 20, tricep x 20, Flutters x 20, Bicep x 16, Tricep x 16, 6 In leg hold (5 counts per PAX)

ROCK-A-CIDE:  Group 1 Peoples Chair w rock overhead, Group 2 3 court suicide (one line per court):  flap jack and repeat.

HALF-PIPE:  Run the half pipe, doing ascending merkins at the top of each hill:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10.

BALLS-TO-THE-MARY:  Modified version of competitive Mary.  1/2 of PAX BTTW on the carousel.  Other half do Mary.  PAX performing BTTW call the exercise and the count.  Hammers, LBC, Freddies and Box Cutters.

-T-claps for a dehydrated Minnie.  Ran many miles Friday night, ran more miles Saturday morning, and finally had enough by the time we were to the suicides.  He’ll be ready for the BRR.

-T-claps to T-Square and Munson for stopping by after their 7 mile jogging tour of F3 Raleigh sites.

-Kiper pretty much Larry Birded YHC the entire workout.

-Munson loves Kanki, and not just because Mike’s Hard Lemonade goes perfectly with hibachi-style steak.