YHC arrived to find a slumbering Chong Li on the sidewalk, surrounded by kettlebells. Must still be living on goruck time. Soon there were 10 gathered around comparing the size of their bells, and waiting for Utah and Money Hose to finish their jog around the park. A double down is just not enough, so these two were shooting for a triple. After their arrival, our PAX of 12, racked our bells, and moseyed to the tennis courts for a little warm-up.

SSH x 20
Merkins with hand on bell x 20 (10R/10L)
10 Burpees OYO

Rack em again. Mosey to field and line-up on sideline for a little inverted pyramid action. 3 exercises, sprint to the other side and repeat decreasing by 4 reps. We went down twice and back up once. As I explained the exercises, lots of mumble chatter ensued regarding what the hell YHC was actually doing for the first. I called it a Snatch, but was performing a Swing, and taking the bell all the way overhead. Also at issue, is it One-Handed or is it One-Armed? Regardless of proper naming, the PAX followed. The discussion was tabled and would all be sorted out at COT. Or not.

One-Arm Swing Snatch Thing x 40 (20R/20L)
Goblet Squats IC x 20 (down 3, up 1)
Clean & Press x 20 (10R/10L)
Sprint to other sideline
One-Arm Snatch Swings x 32 (16R/16L)
Goblet Squats IC x 16 (down 3, up 1)
Clean & Press x 16 (8R/8L)
Sprint to other sideline
One-Arm Swing Snatches x 24( 12R126L)
Goblet Squats IC x 12 (down 3, up 1)
Clean & Press x 12 (6R/6L)
Sprint to other sideline
One-Arm Swings x 32 (16R/16L)
Goblet Squats IC x 16 (down 3, up 1)
Clean & Press x 16 (8R/8L)
Last round was aborted. Time to do something else before we’re out of time.

Circle up for:
Rows x 20 IC (10LR10L)
LBCs x20 IC
Flutters w/ bell overhead x20 IC

After name-o-rama, Chong demonstrated the subtle differences between a One-Armed Swing and a Snatch, with form advice provided by King David. Still not clear if it’s one-armed or one-handed. Just sayin.

Amazing how fast 35 minutes goes. Also might have been helpful to have swung an actual kettlebell at some point in the past 2 months. But I had to set them down after injuring my back. Then BAM! My first post back at the Blitz and I’m Q. Why not, right?