Posted by Burt…Penned by Burt and Fazio


Seven PAX including a couple of Raleigh’s Finest (Fazio and Cheesesteak) made it out to North Cary Park for a little Danger Zone action this crisp and somewhat damp Friday morning. BTW: Kotter Cheesesteak was dialed in after almost losing his name at Endorphin yesterday (see Endorphin BB).  BTW:  Burt was sporting his Danger Zone tank.  You too can have one….see Burt.

Warm Up (Burt)
· Indian run around the parking lot
· Merkins x 20, SSH x 20, Plank Jacks x 20, GM x 20, IW x 20
· Fazio takes the reigns…SFAC x 20ish (w/nod to Denali for continued inspiration)

The Thang #1 (Fazio)
· Jog to bottom of parking lot
· Paint the lines with a burbee at end of each line
· Hill Sprint up and down the parking lot w/standard merkins x 10 at the top; 4-count prisoner squats x 20 at bottom
· Paint the lines with a star jump at end of each line
· Hill Sprint up and down the parking lot w/WG merkins x 10 at the top; 4-count alternating jumping lunge x 10 at bottom
· Mosey to the Basketball courts for Walk The Plank Merkins
§ Walking plank left w/standard merkins x 10
§ Walking plank right with diamond merkins x 10

The Thang #2 (Burt)
· Stay put on the BB Court
· Balls to the wall with a 10 count down the line
· Sprint length of the courts and back
· High plank with 10 count down the line
· Karaoke down and back
· Two-court Suicides…half court line of 1st court, endline of 1st court, half court line of 2nd court, then endline of 2nd court
· Modified Deck of Cards: Aces, Kings (13 reps), Queens (12), Jacks (11) and 10’s (10)…all 4 suits
o Hearts = Jump Ups ; Diamond =Diamond Merkins; Clubs= Plank Jacks and Spades=Dips
o All Aces = Down and Back Sprint
o All but two cards were turned before we headed to Mary.

Mary (Fazio)
· Heels to Heaven x 20
· WW2 Situps x 20
· Stationary Bikes x 20
· TD curls x 20


· TClaps to Fazio for joining us in Cary! And for Cheesesteak getting back into the swing of F3. Nice to have Saban at his inaugural Danger Zone workout
· You know you are in Cary when the biggest point of discussion among the locals was lamenting the closing of the downtown coffee shop since the $12 Americanos and lattes with the cute company logo imprinted in the froth would no longer be available. #FirstWorldSuburbiaProblems
· You may think you are anywhere but Cary when you roll into the park the morning after receiving 26 inches of rain only to find the sprinklers on the soccer fields pumping at full blast. This from the town that once contemplated restricting lawn watering to every fifth Saturday of the month only during the Chinese Year of the Dog.
· May 28th: Memorial Day Murph @ Pullen (no other Raleigh Saturday workouts). 7 am.
· May 28th: 2nd F @ PR…come hear Crotch Rocket discuss F3 Expansion . 7 – 9 pm.
· New Cary workout…B.O. Thursdays @ in Downtown Cary at First United Methodist. 6 am
· May 30: Danger Zone…1 year anniversary….donuts and perhaps Captain Kangaroo will be in the house
· May 31: F3 Dads @ Fletcher Park. 9:30 am.
· June 14th: Susan Komen Race, only a month away. Sign up!
· Prayers for Dufrense, Saban’s daughter who working through a broken arm and the Pax with 2.0’s on the way…Rip Tide and Wonk.
· Wonk took us out in Prayer.