It is often said that Heavy Metal is the truest test of a Pax’s ability – not only because of the physical demands, but of the mental and thinking demands as well. With Ricky out of the picture this week and cruising Eastern Georgia in his late ’80s El Camino, the Pax could get back to its roots, some with collared shirts and all. Off we go with 16 Pax…


  • Jog around park
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • 4-count Mericans x 10 (i.e., 20 Mericans)

The Thang

Pax arrange themselves into 2 groups of 8, each group with its own circuit of gear. Station #1 in each circuit is the timekeeper before rotating to the next man, perform each station AMRAP until relieved.

Circuit #1 –¬†Paving Stones

  • STATION #1: Bench Press x AMRAP
  • STATION #2: Broad jump up the hill, 3 burpees, sprint length of park to backstop
  • STATION #3: Sledge hammer mace workout (forearms)
  • STATION #4: Heavy Pipe Zercher Squats
  • STATION #5: Mary of choice
  • STATION #6: Gun show – Bicep Curls
  • STATION #7: 45lb KB swings
  • STATION #8: Spotter for bench press

Circuit #2 – The Flow Chart

  • STATION #1: Pull-ups + dead hang
  • STATION #2: Sprint length of park to hill, broad jumps up hill, 3 burpees, run down
  • STATION #3: Barbell military press
  • STATION #4: Alternating rotating lunges w/ medicine ball
  • STATION #5: Mary of choice
  • STATION #6: Sears bar burpee clean & press
  • STATION #7: Scotty Bobs
  • STATION #8: Burpee box jumps

Pax rotate 1.5-2 times through each circuit, switching circuits halfway through the workout.


  • Reverse LBC x 25
  • Rosalitas x 25
  • High slow flutter x 25
  • Freddy Mercury x 25


  • While this may be the “thinking man’s workout” the Pax struggled with grasping Circuit #2 today. Perhaps it was the change in direction. Perhaps it was the pull-ups. Or maybe even YHC’s explanation. But definitely not on our game today.
  • Memorial Day Murph – Pullen Park at 0700. Darby is the Q. No other workouts that day.
  • May 28 – PR’s 7-9pm, Crotch Rocket will be on hand to discuss the future of F3 and expansion plans.
  • Susan Komen Race is June 14 – Sign up here:¬†
  • Coco (Chapel Thrill) is shaving his head for St. Baldrick’s – please consider a donation