Extra credit:
4 PAX (Floyd, ChooChoo, Sweats, and Assisi) showed up extra early for a nice 30 minute ruck which included dips, irkins, pull-ups, rows, squats, and merkins.

13 PAX arrived at House of Pain for Floyd’s first HoP Q. Floyd promised no burpees, merkins, squats, or WWII situps, and he kept that promise.

SSH x 20
Windmills x 10
LBAC x 10
Willie Mays Hayes x 10

The Thang: HoP Inventory Day
This being Floyd’s first every HoP Q, he wasn’t sure exactly how many pieces of steel and various other implements of doom were stashed in the parking lot corner. Today’s main event was a team challenge. All of the steel, telephone poles, tires, palates, cinder blocks, train knuckles, and cones were to be transported by the PAX around the 1/3 mile parking lot around the church. There were 5 30 pound rucks added to the mix and they could be shared but not allowed to hit the ground. There were no other rules except that all the items must be brought and dropped at specific muster points along the way. This turned out to be fun and only mildly challenging in a fitness sense.

We ended up having 20 extra minutes to spare. Time for some improv

Relay Race:
PAX were split into two lines. One at a time, each group would send a runner 50 yards and back, carrying a piece of steel. The remaining PAX did exercises with their steel. The rucks stayed on those unfortunate enough to still be wearing them. Exercises included bicep curls, overhead presses, tricep presses, 90 degree hold, and rows. Each PAX ran at least twice and there was no stopping during this event, so constant motion.

Bear crawl:
We still had time left, so after all the equipment was stashed back in the corner, we had a 30 yard and back bear crawl. Those guys with the rucks kept them on and did the bear crawls manly-style.

LBCs x 30
Flutters x 20
Russian Hammers x 15

COT: Floyd rambled a bit in the prayer.

Grats to Sweat’s and his Ms for their new 2.0.
The Father’s Day event is coming up, TBL, Saturday before Father’s Day. Bring your 2.0 and Ms.