A warm and muggy afternoon greeted the 6 Pax willing to step into The Arena this past Friday.  Lighter numbers than usual from our HT brothers – many of the regulars had job obligations but hope to get back out next week.

Warmups by the courtyard:  Good Afternoon x 10, SSH x 15, Mtn Climbers x 10, Merkins x 10

Run over to the rocks across from gas pump, partner up – each pair grabs a rock.  Cross back over Goode St to grassy area beside gas pump station.  Set 1 – partner 1 runs two laps while partner 2 does AMRAP rock squat press until partner 1 relieves.  Continue until hit 100 total. Flapjack.  Set 2 – partner 1 runs one lap backward while partner 2 does AMRAP rock curls.   Go to 100 total.  Set 3 – partner 1 runs one lap while partner 2 does rock tri press.  Go to 75 total.

Rocks down and head over to shaded area along Goode St curb.  Quick feet x 20, baby irkins x 10, quick feet x 20, baby dirkins x 10.

Back to shaded area by main entrance for Mary.  LBC x 20, American Hammers x 20.  Done.


Welcome FNGs Rockefeller and Highlander.  T-claps to Wahoo for earning his Arena shirt after his 3rd post.  Keep it up brother!  Prayer requests for Second Base and other HT pax who have left the program.

Killshot took us out.

Friday afternoons in the summer are hot, humid, and sometimes a roadblock for weekend vacations, but challenge yourself to put at least 2 Arenas on your calendar before the end of August.  We need to continue the momentum at the Arena and having several F3 guys there each Friday shows the pax of HT how committed we are to them and this mission.