First off, the weather was wonderful this morning.  Humidity was down with a slight chill in the air.  It was a perfect morning to go Cricking.  6 Pax answered the EC call this morning followed by a full dozen for the main event.

EC (Rouge, Spurrier, Slate, YHC, Situation, Ringwald)

We decided to take a new route this morning for EC.  YHC was laying in bed this morning cussing that hill by the airport and decided it was time to quit whining.  So we modified the route to include the hill by the hotel on the way out.  Yea take that hill.

The Thang

So basically the plan is to run a Murph together as a team.  On a side note, Spurrier is doing a challenge called the 500 rep challenge.  100 pullups/curls, 100 merkins, 100 dips, 200 LBCs over 14 days.  Lets see how close we can get him to his total today.

Murph Mile 1

  • Run a lap
  • Good Mornings x15
  • Run a lap
  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Run a lap
  • Fazio Arm Circles x15
  • Reverse Fazios x15
  • Run a lap

Murph Strength Training 
We mozied up to the basketball court for some cumulative counts.

  • 100 Pullups (cumulative)
  • 200 Merkins (cumulative)
  • 300 Squats (cumulative)

Intermission (lets get Spurrier his dips for the day)

  • Dips x20
  • Dips x15
  • Dips x15

Murph Mile 2 (lets get Spurrier his LBCs while we are at it)

  • Run a lap
  • LBCs x25
  • Run a lap
  • LBCs x25
  • Run a lap
  • LBCs x25
  • Run a lap (An epic race between Ringwald and Nickelback was witnessed.. Age won!)
  • LBCs x25

DUN (with the Murph anyway)

Time Killer

Ok so we have about 10 minutes left.  We’ve already done a ton of LBCs so lets get creative.  Everyone stand in a line on the baseline.  Pax on the end does a burpee in front of each pax in the line while they do a perfect squat.  This turned into a bouya burpee as we started high fiving the burpeeers as they came down the line.  Sounds like a keeper.


  • American Hammers x25 (for good measure)


Great work this morning gents.  The Situation had nearly a 10k on his fitbit this morning, kudos to the ECers. COT began with an announcement by dad to be Rouge!  Congrats and we wish you best brother!  YHC attempted to do a headcount, but Birkenstock was too excited to say his name : )

  • FiA Ruck June 24th (we need Fadres and participants to help show the girls some good livin)
  • Churham Ruck – 22 miles – July 23 @530am ruck the american tobacco trail and meet the M’s and 2.0s at Tylers around noon. Contact Subprime for details.
  • Prayers for Spurrier’s folks
  • Prayers for Ventura’s Sister
  • Spurrier Took us out.